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Featured Client Case Studies
The BBC is evolving from an era of mass ‘one-to-many’ broadcasting to an era of personalised media driven by the consumptions patterns of its audiences. This is crystalising in new, personalised versions of BBC. The BBC engaged us to help design personal data policies and practices that differentiate it around trust and customer control of data. We audited the BBC’s draft privacy principles, governance processes, communication strategies and technical architecture, identifying priority focus and providing recommendations which were accepted in full by the BBC.
Developing a business case for the Information Logistics platform
We worked with BT’s R&D team to investigate and understand the requirements, business model and international opportunity for an Information Logistics platform that enables the orchestration of multiple streams of real time and static data from a multitude of information providers. We delivered a market assessment and business case for the platform, identifying a clear set of business development opportunities. BT has now launched the platform as part of their BT Trace supply chain capabilities and as the data hub in Smart Cities.
Suncorp Group
We worked with the Strategic Innovation team at Suncorp, Australia’s largest general insurer, in a learning partnership to explore the strategic risks and opportunities in an area of significant societal change: the shift in power for individuals who take control of their personal data. We leveraged our expertise in the personal data landscape to act as sensemaking partner with Suncorp to help their team explore and interpret this change for strategic learning and decision-making.
Developing the business proposition for the digital asset grid
SWIFT’s Digital Asset Grid (DAG) was a prototype for banks to provide a platform for secure peer-to-peer data sharing between trusted people, businesses and devices. Working with 15 major global banks, we translated the platform’s capabilities into a range of business propositions. Said project leader Peter Vander Auwera “Ctrl-Shift has been an amazing partner in the Innotribe R&D phase of the DAG project. They have delivered outstanding quality, been able to envisage the future and pioneer ideas for innovation. Their dynamic yet structured approach coupled with great project and stakeholder management skills has achieved astounding results.”
Leading vehicle data platform provider wejo commissioned Ctrl-Shift to study the Connected Vehicle Data market, its use of vehicle and personal data, and the implications of emerging US data protection legislation for market’s growth and governance. The purpose was to provide analysis and perspectives to stimulate informed debate across all key stakeholder groups, and a group of over 50 experts were engaged from industry, data and policy specialists, lobbyists and academia.
The study report Growth of the Connected Vehicle Data Market – the Implications of Personal Data and Emerging US Legislation found that the rise of the connected vehicle has the potential to dramatically shift the economic balance of the automotive industry, and drive entirely new forms of value for business, consumers and society -transforming the design and performance of mobility solutions, and opening-up a rich market for digital services and data commerce.
Department for Digital Culture Media & Sport
The Department for Digital, Culture, Media and Sport commissioned Ctrl-Shift to carry out global research to build a comprehensive picture of the development of the personal data market, and to evaluate the economic opportunity in mobiliZing personal data. The resultant report Data Mobility: the Data Portability Growth Opportunity for the UK Economy found that the trusted use of personal data, enabled by Data Mobility can be a vital driver of innovation and growth, and can deliver productivity and competition benefits of an estimated £27.8bn to the UK economy. The report has become a highly influential resource in the global development of Persona Data Mobility Market.
The midata Innovation Lab (mIL), an extension of the UK Government’s midata programme, was run by Ctrl-Shift on behalf of BIS as an innovation platform to enable safe use of personal information. The Lab brought together a wide variety of datasets (integrated around individuals) for 18 brands, developers and consumer bodies to explore opportunities. We led the design and delivery of the mIL , working with cross-cutting groups to develop three apps which demonstrated the opportunities. The miL’s work is now being progressed by the UK Digital Catapult to support digital growth.


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