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Health & Wellbeing Personal Data Sandbox
The Health & Wellbeing data Sandbox. The last decade has seen an explosion in the number of apps and wearable devices that support consumers’ well-being. The data generated by these services hold the potential to create huge value for consumers but may also threaten their privacy and trust. The opportunity estimated in just the UK this report for just the UK market is in excess of tens of billions of pounds per year. This value creation is largest for sectors like health, social care, and insurance, but extends into a “long-tail” of cross-sector value opportunities from video gaming to textiles. Undertaken in a cross-sector Sandbox with many thanks to Which?, Amazon Web Services, Spencer West, BT, Microsoft, Superdrug, NHSx, Koa Health, CeraCare, Streamr, CDEI, APPG for Longevity, Ada Lovelace Institute, Alan Turing Institute, National Institute of Health Research.
Data Mobility Sandbox: Mental Wellbeing
Pioneering Personal Data Mobility study into the relationship between data-driven insights and improved mental well-being. The study was developed as part of our sector-leading Sandbox program alongside Public Health England, Facebook, HSBC, and mental health charity, together all (formally Big White Wall). It considers how data-driven insights can create digital tools in the hands of individuals to enable them to track and support their mental health.
Data Mobility: The personal data portability growth opportunity for the UK economy
Full Report
UK Government commissioned innovation consultancy Ctrl-Shift to carry out this study to develop understanding of the potential that personal data portability holds for the UK economy. Personal data lies at the heart of many of the most promising opportunities for business growth, consumer benefit, and public good in a fast-evolving digital economy.

This report lays out the current state of personal data portability and mobility in the digital economy and the potential of data mobility to unshackle personal data, and so stimulate new levels of innovation, productivity and competition
Data Mobility Infrastructure Sandbox Report, June 2019
Ctrl-Shift completes the first phase of its Data Mobility Sandbox Programme – an examination of safe data sharing, identified as a major challenge to Personal Data Mobility in the 2018 report.
Remobilising the Nation with trusted Personal Data Mobility
Personal Data is a powerful asset in the UK Government’s ‘digital arsenal’ in the fight against the pandemic.
Connected Vehicle Data Market
The implications of personal data and emerging US legislation.
A New Paradigm for Personal Data
We were commissioned by Facebook to run a global consultation exercise to discover what needs to be done to create a sustainable, trust-driven data economy.
After talking to privacy experts, lawyers, consumer advocates, regulators, innovators and big business across the world: Amsterdam, Berlin, Brasilia, Hong Kong, London, Madrid, New York, San Francisco Paris, Sao Paulo and Warsaw the co-created report is available for download.
Ctrl-Shift Director Perspective
Data mobility enables ambitious businesses to unlock sustained growth in shareholder value, underpinned by brand trust, customer loyalty and relevance to the customer’s lives. This report is a Directors Briefing to the drivers of change, the opportunities and how to achieve them.
Decisions! Decisions!
This early paper outlines the development of decision-support services – services designed specifically to help individuals to make and implement better decisions.  As well as creating a separate market in its own right, the decision support industry also impacts other markets.
Personal Information Management Services – An analysis of an emerging market
Groundbreaking research into understanding the business and economic impact of new PIMS in the UK.  This is an untapped market opportunity worth £16bn for organisations able to adapt and respond to new demands for managing, using and sharing personal data.
MEF Market Review Personal Data and Identity
The world is responding to the growing importance of personal data and identity. This response is reshaping the world’s markets.

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