A Control Shift Is Under way

Organisations today are facing profound changes in the way they engage consumers who seek more control over and value from their data. This ‘control shift’ affects everything - from the strategies businesses employ to the services they deliver and how they create value. Ctrl-Shift helps organisations to transform the business of personal information in the changing digital landscape for efficiency and growth.

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Out of the compliance ghetto - into the fire?

Posted: 10th Apr, 2014

Slowly but surely, personal data – how organisations collect it and use it – is becoming a brand issue. Whether… Read more...>

We're hiring

Posted: 4th Apr, 2014

Ctrl-Shift is looking for two interns to join our growing business and expanding team. As the personal information economy fast… Read more...>

Sizing the Prize

Posted: 24th Mar, 2014

Ctrl-Shift is undertaking a major new research project to identify the business and economic case for PIMS (Personal Information Management… Read more...>

A year of transition

Posted: 24th Mar, 2014

It’s really simple: personal data is valuable and useful to the people whose data it is.  Yes it’s valuable to… Read more...>

New market for 'empowering' personal data services "will transform relationships between customers and brands"

Posted: 20th Mar, 2014

A new market has emerged for personal data management services (PDMS) that help individuals assert more control over how their… Read more...>

A milestone in the data debate

Posted: 13th Mar, 2014

Yesterday saw two significant milestones in the debate about personal data. First, the European Parliament approved proposals in a… Read more...>

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Featured Publication

Mapping the Market for Personal Data Management

This report highlights a new market for 'empowering' personal data services, which is growing fast with more than one new launch a week over the last year. It is beginning to transform relationships between customers and brands. Read more...>

Trust Frameworks, Driving Privacy and Growth

Explains why it's possible to have privacy AND growth - via trust frameworks, provides an overview of what they do and how, and why consumer facing organisations need to sit up and take note. Read more...>

Next Generation Intermediaries

This report presents a short summary of the key findings from Ctrl-Shift's research in the Rise of the Consumer Empowering Intermediary plus an analysis of the implications for brands. Read more...>

Timeline of the Shifting Personal Data Landscape

A dynamic online timeline charting the evolution of the personal data landscape over the next five years as we see it. This will be a living resource updated by Ctrl-Shift on a regular basis. Read more...>

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Your fast-track to opportunities in the Personal Information Economy

This annual Ctrl-Shift event offers a unique chance explore the game changing opportunities and implications of the new information rich digital economy. Read More...>

Market Watch

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Posted: 23rd April 2014

The Guardian highlights how Wim Elfrink, executive vice president of… Read more...>

Posted: 23rd April 2014

Putting aside the privacy issues, the Guardian asks how much is personal… Read more...>

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