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Ctrl-Shift is a business innovation consultancy, specialising in the strategic value of trusted personal data.

We help organisations realise the unprecedented growth opportunity in personal data by creating strategic, sustainable and practical solutions that deliver new value in people’s lives.

Data mobility: The personal data portability growth opportunity for the UK economy

Ctrl-Shift completes a major new study which uncovers the huge untapped economic potential in personal data that is liberated by data mobility.

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Tuesday 15th of January 2019


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Why CtrlShift

  • Breakthrough services
  • Customer led innovation
  • Advisory and insight
  • Building trust

“There’s an app for that!” But is it grounded in customer value and business strategy in a way that builds trust? And does it build business skills, capabilities and relationships that position the company for sustainable growth?

Ctrl-Shift’s product design and development process blends our years of experience in the information services market with seasoned development and delivery teams who have worked with the biggest brands on cutting-edge digital programmes.

With a number of specialist partners, from human centred design and agile delivery to customer research and leading Personal Information Management Services (PIMS), we work closely with our clients to deliver beautiful, valuable and trusted information services – helping individuals to make better decisions and get things done.

Successful digital engagement is not just about great service concept and brilliant service design. It’s about accessing and using data, including customer data. It’s about control and compliance. It’s about market entry strategies, roadmaps, skills and capabilities. And it’s about the business cases and the business model.

Our PIMS Innovation Labs start and end with real people: their needs, challenges; the jobs they want to get done in their lives. Working collaboratively with teams from all parts of the business, we help organisations identify, build and prove-out rich new customer information services to drive new revenues, reduce costs and build sustainable brand positions.

With years of practical experience in the PIMS market, we use insights from our labs to build detailed business cases, inform build/ buy/ partner decisions support Next Generation Customer Engagement programmes, and develop go-to-market strategies.

Whether it’s the internet of things, smart cities and connected cars, or programmatic advertising, blockchain and algorithms, the more intense the digital buzzword blizzard becomes, the harder it is for business leaders to distinguish between ‘fad’ and ‘fundamental’.

Starting with the unchanging fundamentals of consumer/customer value, Ctrl-Shift’s analysis and research services help companies separate the signal from the noise to gain a clear sense of digital direction, brand purpose and product and service priorities.

And it’s not just what we know, it’s also who we know. Our unique contacts across the digital economy and with the leaders – those actually making change happen – in the market for Personal Information Management Services (PIMS) gives clients an inside track on where the biggest opportunities lie, and how to access them.

Building trust is not about ‘data protection and compliance’. It’s about customer relationships: how to turn positive and trusted data sharing with customers into a platform for innovation and competitive advantage.

Ctrl-Shift helps companies develop future-proofed data policies, principles and practices that deepen customer trust, encouraging richer and volunteered data sharing.

Whether that’s transforming a brand’s data promise, the way the promise is communicated and governed, or reinventing the customer experience through personal permissions and preferences, we work with clients to understand and anticipate forthcoming regulation and legislation.