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Ctrl-Shift is a business innovation consultancy, specialising in the strategic value of trusted personal data

  • We help organisations realise the unprecedented growth opportunity in personal data by creating strategic, sustainable and practical solutions that deliver new value in people’s lives
  • We work with governments, regulators, and industry in building personal data economies, developing market models, policies and enabling infrastructure to unlock economic and societal value in the trusted use of personal data

Data Mobility Value Sandbox: Mental Wellbeing

Download and read our latest pioneering Personal Data Mobility study into the relationship between data-driven insights and improved mental wellbeing. The study was developed as part of our sector-leading Sandbox programme alongside Public Health England, Facebook, HSBC and mental health charity, togetherall (formally Big White Wall). It considers how data-driven insights can create digital tools in the hands of individuals to enable them to track and support their mental health.

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Interested in reading more of our reports? Visit our Data Mobillity Reports page now.

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Why CtrlShift

Unleashing the trusted use of personal data can ignite explosive growth in innovation, efficiency and productivity. Finding the right path to realising this extraordinary opportunity in a complex and rapidly-shifting market demands expert strategic guidance. This is what we built Ctrl-Shift to deliver.

For over a decade Ctrl-Shift has been a pioneer, innovator and respected authority in the fast-evolving Personal Data Economy. This deep specialisation means that our clients benefit from:

  • Our unique body of knowledge and up-to-the-minute intelligence on the trusted use of personal data
  • Proven techniques for efficient exploration of strategic opportunity and rapid value realisation
  • Access to the insights of our global network of leaders, influencers, respected academics and commentators

We are trusted by governments and leading businesses word-wide to bring strategic impact to their organisations through trusted personal data.