A Control Shift Is Under way

Organisations today are facing profound changes in the way they engage consumers who seek more control over and value from their data. This ‘control shift’ affects everything - from the strategies businesses employ to the services they deliver and how they create value. Ctrl-Shift helps organisations to transform the business of personal information in the changing digital landscape for efficiency and growth.

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Asking the right question

Posted: 17th Aug, 2015

Albert Einstein once said that if he had an hour to solve a problem and his life depended on it,… Read more...>

Personal data: does trust REALLY matter?

Posted: 26th Jul, 2015

In a world where consumers say one thing but consistently do another it can be hard for brands to get… Read more...>

Guest Blog: Tackling the data sharing challenge

Posted: 6th Jul, 2015

Data sharing can deliver the missing piece of the puzzle We use language to communicate, but sometimes it gets in… Read more...>

Transparency: a noose around consumers' necks?

Posted: 8th Jun, 2015

Sometimes the solutions people propose to problems make things worse rather than better. If we don’t watch out, calls for… Read more...>

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Featured Publication

Personal Information Management Services - An analysis of an emerging market

Groundbreaking research into understanding the business and economic impact of new PIMS in the UK. This is an untapped market opportunity worth £16bn for organisations able to adapt and respond to new demands for managing, using and sharing personal data. Read more...>

Economics of Identity

This report commissioned by OIX explores the market for identity assurance and its value to the UK economy. The research finds that new approaches to identity assurance can significantly reduce the cost of ID assurance whilst making new services possible. Read more...>

Mapping the Market for Personal Data Management

This report highlights a new market for 'empowering' personal data services, which is growing fast with more than one new launch a week over the last year. It is beginning to transform relationships between customers and brands. Read more...>

Timeline of the Shifting Personal Data Landscape

A dynamic online timeline charting the evolution of the personal data landscape over the next five years as we see it. This will be a living resource updated by Ctrl-Shift on a regular basis. Read more...>

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Market Watch

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Posted: 01st September 2015

New Scientist article looking at fall out from the Ashley Madison affair -… Read more...>

Russian data law fuels web surveillance fears | The Guardian http://t.co/gQ3xnFsT29

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