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Who we are

Ctrl-Shift is powered by an extensive network of expert strategy consultants, business analysts, consultants and researchers and is headed up by our highly experienced management team.

Our network boasts unrivalled experience and skills in key areas including: digital; technology; innovation; change and transformation management, multi-channel service design; project leadership – all underpinned by an in-depth understanding of The Personal Information Economy.

Talk to us to find out how our team of experts can support your business. Join our team if you are ready to drive forward a new market.


Liz Brandt

Liz Brandt is co-founder and  CEO of Ctrl-Shift, her career has spanned 20+ years of business consultancy across numerous sectors. She currently advises a number of global clients including Facebook, O2, the BBC, and Suncorp, helping them to develop and future-proof their digital products and services. Her career has spanned multiple disciplines including consultancy, digital media, customer service design and strategic marketing.  After twelve years with Barclays, Liz moved to the Systems Integrator company Logica, heading up their Sales and Marketing and the development and running of their international CRM business, after which she has founded several companies, including a mobile CRM company, Zishi, and Digital Public, a public sector consultancy developing a consumer-centric digital media service for government.

Since its launch, Ctrl-Shift has been at the forefront of understanding, explaining and shaping the Personal Information Economy(PIE), it has pioneered Me2B digital services and Personal Information Services (PIMS) and remains at the forefront of strategic business consulting in the PIE market.



Roland Harwood

Roland is a compulsive connector of people and ideas. He works with Ctrl Shift on facilitating complex and collaborative programmes to harness personal data to unlock commercial opportunities and to address social challenges. He is also the founder of Liminal, a collective intelligence community working with the UN, Newton Fund and Wellcome. In addition he leads IOVIA’s European operations, to build people-powered sustainable brands with LEGO, IKEA and Unilever.

Prior to that he was co-founder of 100%Open, the multi award-winning open innovation agency that worked in over 25+ countries. He is board member of Participatory Cities Foundation, Holis and Upstart, and a visiting lecturer at Universities at the Royal College of Art, Birkbeck, and Ravensbourne. He hosts the On The Edge podcast, and is a failed astronaut, a failed MP, an occasional composer of TV and film music for Sony, and a proud dad of three children.


Tarquin Henderson

Tarquin’s career has been centred on two things – building brand reputation and more recently how new business models can create value whilst making a positive impact on society.

Tarquin spent 27 years working in Corporate Communications including three years at Logica plc, where he first worked with Liz Brandt and David Pickering. Over this time he represented clients across many sectors including Energy, Financial Services, Inward Investment, Telecoms and Renewables but was predominantly a ’tech’ specialist. His first ever client was Apple Computer where he worked on the launch of the Macintosh (as it was know then) and its predecessor the Lisa. Subsequently he supported many well known (and less well known!) tech brands including IBM, Intel, HP, LG, Thales, Lotus (remember them?) and Microsoft. Then in 2010 he took a sharp left turn and set up ReEnergise, a business to support homeowners and businesses looking to transition towards better energy efficiency and renewables. Life as an entrepreneur was exciting, challenging and fulfilling if not particularly financially rewarding.

At Ctrl-Shift he is working with Liz and the team to consider how best to build Ctrl-Shift’s reputation at this exciting time in the development of personal data mobility and its role in society.

David Pickering / Chairman

David Pickering

David is the Chairman of Ctrl-Shift. He is an expert director of consulting and technology services businesses, with experience serving at board level for several national and international firms, as well as in founding, building and selling his own consulting company. He has extensive experience in business performance transformation, strategy development and delivery and proposition development.

Prior to Ctrl-Shift, David began his career at the IT and management consultancy, Logica, where he worked leading several of the company’s divisions including manufacturing, energy and utilities. He went on to found his own consulting company, Charteris, before seliing in 2011. Since that time he has served on the boards of several companies,  as Chairman of H20 Chemicals, Re Energise Ltd and Indigo Blue Consulting, as well as a board advisor to Philpott Black.

David is strongly customer and sales focused with experience in building start-up enterprises into successful consulting brands. His passion is in helping businesses deliver their real potential, particularly through customer and sales-led growth strategies. Educated at the University of Manchester and Harvard Business School, he is a Chartered Engineer and Fellow of the British Computer Society design.


Sam Roots

Sam is an Associate Consultant with a background in design-led innovation and design thinking, and enjoys applying a structured creative approach to business problems, particularly those involving disruptive technology. A specialist in business design and user experience, he has been working in the field for the last four years. He also regularly facilitates workshops of up to 150 participants.

Previously, he developed expertise in materials science, biomedical science and renewable energy finance. He holds Master’s degrees from Oxford University, Imperial College London and the Royal College of Art.


Jonny Shipp

Jonny is a social entrepreneur and adviser on strategy, technology and public affairs. Recent projects with Ctrl-shift have focussed on energy transition and the smart data regulatory landscape. Based in Brussels, Jonny works with businesses, policymakers and civil society to drive accountability and positive social impact through digital transformation. He is Executive Chair at the Internet Commission, which he founded in 2017 and a Visiting Fellow in Media and Communications at the London School of Economics and Political Science.

His interests in corporate purpose, sustainability and innovation were developed during a 14-year career with Telefónica, where he led on digital trust, brand and reputation across European and global markets. A social anthropologist by training, with an MBA from Henley Business School, Jonny served six years as senior board member and trustee of the Internet Watch Foundation, as well as on the Governing Board of three London schools.


Dr. Matt Stroud

Matt is passionate about the power of personal data to transform businesses and consumers lives. Drawing on his cross-disciplinary experience, he has defined and executed strategies to help both early-stage and corporate businesses grow. His expertise spans strategy, enterprise sales, digital technology, personal data and customer engagement using AI/ML, with an emphasis on the telecom, retail and finance sectors. He has held leadership positions within both corporates and start-ups, including membership of the steering committee which led to the foundation of the Open Banking Implementation Entity.

In 2016 the research company DataIQ included Matt on their list of the 100 most influential people in the data industry. His work with Department of Culture, Media and Sport was recognised with an invitation to HM the Queens garden party. Matt has previously held positions as Head of Corporate Strategy EE, European Managing Director Flybits, co-founder of the start-up Nanatego and has advised the Greater London Authority on their City Data Strategy.