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What we do

Ctrl-Shift is a business innovation consultancy, specialising in the strategic value of trusted personal data.

Personal data is one of the fastest expanding markets in the digital economy. Driven by the ubiquity of personal devices, and now unshackled by consumer-empowering regulation, the personal data market creates an unparalleled opportunity for business growth and new shareholder value.

But with this market growth come strategic risks for the unprepared. Upheaval in customer behaviour and in competitive landscapes will cut to the heart of current business models.

Ctrl-Shift helps organisations realise the unprecedented opportunity in personal data, and navigate the pitfalls, by creating strategic and sustainable solutions that deliver both business growth and value in customers’ lives.

Our services are in four key areas:

Personal Data Economy Strategic Options Framework

Positions you to win the competitive race in the personal data market against even your most aggressive competition.

The framework provides an evidence-based evaluation of your critical opportunities and risks in the personal data market, and delivers a prioritised portfolio of strategic options underpinned by practical business plans for execution at pace.

Right Data Strategy

Ensures you get the right data into your businesses, in the right place, at the right time, to drive the greatest value from your digital business strategy.

Focused forward on the data that will truly enable your business strategy, rather than rearward-facing data analytics, the Ctrl-Shift Right Data Strategy builds a clear data roadmap and robust data operating model which maximise your leverage from data in out-performing your competition.

Marketing as a Service

Turns marketing into a customer service, helping your buyers to buy, building trusted engagement, and delivering rich customer insight.

Traditional marketing models are under siege by the digitally-empowered consumer. Ctrl-Shift’s Marketing as a Service brings a fundamentally different approach to marketing innovation, based on a new customer value exchange – increasing return on marketing spend, customer acquisition and retention.

Trusted Customer Experiences

Centring service and product development on the Customer Value Opportunities that make a difference in peoples’ lives, building new levels of brand trust.

Ctrl-Shift’s services design framework channels innovation with a unique combination of value-focused analysis and outcome-orientated design. We help you achieve new heights in customer trust and engagement, built on transparent data and value exchange.

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