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What we do

Ctrl-Shift are a specialist consultancy helping organisations to prosper in the new digital economy. By using information – especially customer information – in the hands of the individual, our clients build trusted and strategic market positions through new, rich digital services.

We believe that by giving individuals control over their permissions, and helping them use their data to better manage their lives, organisations can create new information relationships that deliver competitive advantage, new revenues and efficiencies.

Our consultancy services cover three key areas:

1. Personal Information Economy Strategy and Roadmaps

We help you understand the key market shifts and impacts of the Personal Information Economy on your organisation. With detailed capability assessments and roadmaps, we help you understand why, how and when to win by creating new value for customers through trusted digital relationships.

2. Personal Information Economy Policies And Governance

We help you build strong, positive, trust-based data relationships with your customers. By understanding your business goals and delivering future-proofed legally compliant customer information policies, principles and practices, we help you stay trusted and competitive in the digital economy.

3. Trusted Personal Information Services

We work with you to identify, design and deliver breakthrough digital solutions that enable new, trusted and rich information services for your customers.

Together with deep expertise and IP across the Personal Information Economy, our unique contacts with the leaders and influencers who are actually making change happen, we give you the inside track on where the biggest opportunities lie, and how to access them.

Contact us for more information about how we can help today.