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PIE17 Agenda

This year’s theme is all about the emerging world of Me2B!
We have some outstanding keynote speakers, and in other sessions will be exploring the themes below.

The Future of Finance

Finance is broken and personal data is the big disrupter

Consumers have been bound to traditional banks offering traditional services – no longer. Finance is being turned on its head by challenger banks, mobile banking and online-only banking.

So, just what does finance’s future hold?

Strategic threats and opportunities are often a major constraint for businesses. We are seeing immense pressure on existing business models for banks and insurers, where this tectonic data shift is breaking finance and opening opportunities for all sectors.

In such a challenging world, how can your business create transformational experiences for customers? How can it innovate at pace and stay ahead of the competition, new and old?

The Future of Finance will make sense of the changing industry. It will analyse the fundamentals of a customer data strategy and how a strategy enables you to not only keep pace, but get ahead. The session will discuss the vital digital services that must be delivered to ensure transformational customers experiences.

At PIE17 we are bringing together business leaders from traditional banks, challenger banks, and leading insurers to debate, discuss and inspire.

GDPR for Growth

Realising that regulation is an opportunity, not a burden

General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is a welcome first step in creating an environment fit for the digital age. It is vital in ensuring individual privacy and consent in the data age.

It is also a chance for businesses to sail ahead of competitors – to become their industry’s Netflix and leave rivals behind.

Less than one year out, businesses are choosing from one of three approaches to prepare for GDPR. Option one sees businesses do the minimum they can to be compliant, including accepting the odd fine from the Information Commissioner Office. The second is more pragmatic, ensuring full compliance with no prospect of fines.

However, the third is the rarest – and the most visionary. It is an option being taken by business leaders who are using GDPR as an opportunity to create new services, to use the regulation as a competitive advantage. These leaders are using GDPR for Growth.

Innovating Customer Journeys

They just don’t meet customer needs

The explosion of digital technologies over the past decade has created empowered consumers so expert in their use of tools and information that they call the shots. Even a child can find what they want, when they want it and at a bargain-basement price.

Yet there is a mismatch. Despite constant talk about “putting the customer first”, brands are providing customer journeys that are orientated around products and company needs, rather than the consumer.

So, why aren’t brands putting the customer first?

Innovative Customer Journeys will look at how brands can leverage emerging technologies to become truly customer-centric. It will breakdown the impact of GDPR and PSD2, looking at how these landmark pieces of regulation gives brands the opportunity to revolutionise the customer journey.

Businesses will lead the pack if they can combine the use of personal data from individuals, products, their partners, and even competitors to make their customer journey as smooth and valuable as possible.

Join us at PIE17 to explore how the combination of innovative thinking and latest technology can help you create the ultimate journey for your customers.

Un-breaking Marketing

Moving to Permissioned Personalised Marketing

The internet has upended how consumers engage with brands. It is transforming the economics of marketing and making many of the function’s traditional strategies and structures obsolete. For marketers, the old way of doing business is broken.

Marketing has more than evolved, it has seen a paradigm shift. The fundamental move from a push to a pull model, means marketing is now a service, bringing together the right people with the right product, services and offer, to create value in their lives.

What does that mean for business? Getting the consumer to tell them what they want!

The introduction of General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) will give consumers unprecedented power in managing and controlling personal data. At a stroke, consumers will be able to withdraw personal data or share it with a company’s competitors.

If digital is going to drive your business, Digital Trust will become more important than ever, but it will dictate whether a brand’s consumers allow it to access their data. To adjust to this new world, marketers must act now while they still have access to data, or risk falling behind with little prospect of catching up.

At PIE17, we will be showcasing the key elements of permissioned personalised marketing, what it takes to deliver the right customer data strategy, keeping your offer relevant for the consumer.

You will get to hear and discuss the core Me2B capabilities businesses will need to succeed and the new world looks like for the Me2B leader.

Race To The Top

The digital revolution is creating a world that is constantly connected and innovating, how will businesses survive?

Personal information is often treated as ‘toxic waste’ to be ‘managed’ so as to reduce risk. Releasing it to create value for your customers, creates an increase in trust which in turn creates an opportunity to share more information, ultimately offering the opportunity to create more value. But why does value matter?

This is the moment in time, how businesses make money is going to radically change, it’s a race to the top for businesses, those that grasp the opportunity will win customers, and build sustainable market positions their competitors will not be able to touch!

Join us at PIE17 to learn what the building blocks are, where to start and how to win the race.

Future of Work

Will we reach a point where robots will compete with humans for jobs?

We are living through a tsunami of technological change; its waves are attacking the foundations of our society. Its scale and pace are profoundly changing how we live and work, causing fundamental shifts across all disciplines, economies and industries.

These developments are prompting widespread anxiety about the role of humans in the new world. As the tsunami’s pace accelerates, so the alarm levels ratchet up. Each wave washes up the same question, what about the Future of Work?

This session will argue that we are experiencing a golden age for AI, machine learning and robotics. It will explore how the demand for digital skills will create the need for better skills matching and development. It will argue that the key to getting this right is using personal info to create, and the creation of a responsive, digitised system that matches your skills, aspirations and experience to the market need.

PIE17 will bring together expert speakers to analyse how young people, businesses and society can prepare for the robots.