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The penny begins to drop

Posted on: Friday 30th of September 2011

It’s lonely sometimes when something seems blindingly obvious to you but other people just don’t seem to get what you are talking about. Over the last ten years, I’ve felt like that quite often when talking about personal data empowerment.

Now there’s a little straw in the wind that others, such as Forrester, are beginning to get it.

They’ve just produced a new report which says that consumers’ growing digital footprint and growing concerns about data security plus awareness that marketers are using this data for financial gain means that they “increasingly want to know when data about them is being collected, what is being stored and by whom, and how that data is being used.”

As a result, says Forrester, “a nascent industry is forming, with the promise of giving consumers control over their own data.”

Key bullet points from their report include:

  • Marketers’ Access To Consumer Data Is About To Change
  • Personal Identity Management Puts Consumers In Control Of Their Data
  • Marketers Who Want Access To Consumer Data Will Need To Play By New Rules
  • Whoever Controls The Data Controls The Marketing Relationship

Yes. Exactly. That’s one core aspect of the control shift.

Alan Mitchell