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Budgeting for service redesign

Posted on: Thursday 24th of June 2010

Well, the nervously awaited emergency budget has arrived, and a collective sigh of relief is almost audible across the country ‘not as bad as I’d expected’ seems to be the general feel. But I’m afraid the worst is yet to come and the dramatic if yet unspecified departmental cuts of 25% of budget is one of the hardest hitting. To find that mangnitude of cuts in spending without having an impact on front line services is going to require some radically new thinking. In the past a ‘push the message’ approach has been a proxy for behaviour change, which most people will tell you rarely worked. Instead departments need look at citizen led service-design that enables and empowers the individual. There are murmurs of that thinking as Westminster swings into action, examining the way it delivers services in readiness for the Comprehensive Spending Review in the autumn. Necessarily there is talk of looking at the whole economic cost of delivery, not just the cost to government, but also the cost to you and me of using those services, which translates into the time wasted piecing together the disjointed delivery of services. This will require radical new thinking by those managing our services – see our Government Service Review