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How do we help UK government shift control of personal data to the individual?

Posted on: Tuesday 13th of April 2010

Fundamental, radical shift of control over personal data back to the individual is on the agenda whichever main party wins the next election. From the Labour manifesto yesterday:

We will explore how to give citizens direct access to the data held on them by public agencies, so that people can use and control their own personal data in their interaction with service providers

From the Conservative manifesto:

Wherever possible, we believe that personal data should be controlled by individual citizens themselves.

This principle is key to the “Control Shift”. It will be government policy. And it begs a set of questions: How are they going to deliver it? What are the longer-term implications, and how do we manage them?

Government will need help. Ctrl-Shift has been mapping this journey for years. Now we need your help, to share the knowledge, skills and insights, state-of-the-art examples and evidence government will need to learn lessons rapidly. Government will need new help from its suppliers.

At the same time, this is further evidence of the unstoppable control shift. The catalyst is technology, which facilitates fundamental change in customer expectations and behaviour. This has huge implications for business.

That’s what Ctrl-Shift helps with. To be part of it, leave a comment or come and talk to us.