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midata: where next?

Posted on: Wednesday 21st of November 2012

We have published a short, informative paper, ‘midata where next’, following the Government’s midata announcement that it is going ahead with its plans to give consumers a statutory right to request an electronic copy of data companies hold about them.

In the paper we bring together a ‘inside view’ briefing on how significant the move is and where it is taking us as midata ramps up a notch from a voluntary programme to potentially affecting all companies holding customer data in the current account and credit card sector, the mobile phone sector and energy (the power to legislate will be focussed on these three ‘core’ sectors initially).

We outline the four new focus areas of the programme as it moves to this new phase – consumer protection, consumer education, extending reach, and growth and efficiencies. The midata vision is closely aligned to the Government’s growth agenda and its real potential doesn’t lie in the data itself but in the new consumer empowering Personal Information Management Services it makes possible: services that help individuals understand their own behaviours better across multiple different tasks and activities such as ‘manage my money’, ‘run my home’, and ‘manage my health and education’. In the paper we showcase an example straight from the inaugural, ground-breaking midata Hackathon, which we helped to design and held last weekend at the Open Data Institute, of what innovation, growth potential and value can be achieved when new combinations of permission-based data are combined. At the Hackathon some of the world’s smartest developers were given a free rein to explore the possibilities in a new midata enabled world – where personal data is a tool in the hands of an individual. The results (and learnings) are fascinating.

If you are looking for more information beyond this paper and would like to understand about the midata process, its vision/implications, why we think midata is such as powerful opportunity for businesses and how to embark on the journey, please get in touch. Ctrl-Shift has been acting as strategic advisors to the Department for Business, Innovation and Skills since the inception of the midata programme.