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Invitation to PIE2015: Growth Through Trust

Posted on: Tuesday 22nd of September 2015

Today, we (Ctrl-Shift) announce our annual Personal Information Economy conference on Growth Through Trust, (Kings Place, London on December 8).  It’s got a jam-packed agenda with an impressive line-up of speakers.

Why ‘Growth Through Trust?”

Let’s not beat about the bush: we believe the future health of our economy depends on our ability to answer the question: ‘how do we achieve Growth Through Trust?’

In a digital age where personal data is so important and valuable, whatever the particular issue is – ‘Big data’, the internet of things, programmatic advertising, ‘smart’ anything (smart cities, smart cars, smart homes), virtual personal assistants – business’ efforts are currently being undermined by a belief that there is an inevitable and unavoidable trade-off between ‘privacy’ and ‘growth’.

This belief crops up in many forms, most noticeably in debates about a supposed ‘value exchange’ between consumers and businesses where (it’s asked) ‘how much data are consumers willing to give up, in exchange for what value?’

An alternative perspective

Our message to you is simple. If you accept this belief you are on the road to nowhere. If you sacrifice growth for privacy, in today’s environment you’ll soon be out of a job. If you sacrifice privacy for growth you may prosper in the short term, but as Apple CEO Tim Cook put it: “We think customers will rebel over this. Over the arc of time, customers will move to people they trust with their data.“

In our work, we’re demonstrating with a growing range of clients that a fresh, alternative perspective breaks the logjam. We’re showing how and why building positive trust around how personal data is collected and used – by giving consumers control over their own data – the full potential of this data can be unleashed.

Those who continue working on old assumptions will be – are already being – sidelined by those seizing the opportunity Growth Through Trust.

New value opportunities

But to see this opportunity you have to think about the potential of data from a fresh perspective. It’s not just about improving analytics, driving new insights, better targeting, and monetisation. Yes, these are all important, and they will remain so. But they are still only half the story.

The other half of the story is the potential value of personal data to the person – the multiple ways in which it can be used to help people (consumers, customers and citizens) make better decisions and manage their lives better.

This is the source of a cornucopia of new revenue earning services. It’s where new growth will come from: growth in customer value and business value. It will define how customer/company relationships are managed and conducted. And it’s how tomorrow’s leading brands will position themselves to be in the forefront of the digital economy: by transcending today’s trade-offs, dilemmas and limitations, unleashing the full potential of data, taking value to new levels, building on secure foundations of trust.

A strategy issue

Yes. This is a pivotal strategic question. What direction have you set for your business? Are you still wandering down a dead-end, trapped by the assumptions of ‘privacy or growth’? Or are you opening up the opportunities and potential of Growth Through Trust?

Whatever you specialism – marketing, innovation, commerce, customer experience, strategy itself – this strategic question is being played out every day, in everything you do, big and small and at our conference you will meet pioneers working in all of these disciplines, across every major industry and sector. It’s the only place where you will find people who not only understand the strategic challenge but working on pioneering new answers.

If you want to seize the strategic opportunity of Growth Through Trust then join us at Kings Place, December 8. The agenda and speakers will open your mind, and more. They will help transform both what you do and how do it. See you there.