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The ‘MiData Studio’ innovation opportunity

Posted on: Monday 15th of December 2014

Together with the Digital Catapult – the UK’s national centre to rapidly advance the country’s best digital ideas – we have recently published a new report advocating the use of ‘MiData Studios’: innovation labs designed to help public and private sector organisations accelerate and enhance innovations using personal data in ways that sustain full citizen and customer trust.

The vision is to encourage ‘innovation factories to industrialise the personal data innovation process’.

The report, published this week, is the work of a wider consortium of organisations including the Digital Catapult itself, Ctrl-Shift, the Open Identity Exchange, Open University and Milton Keynes Council. It identifies 18 key enablers to enable these ‘innovation factories’ to work. They revolve around citizen/customer engagement, data and analysis, development of use cases, measuring benefits, establishing core capabilities and clarifying commercial issues.

Some of the report’s key findings are that MiData Studios (or ‘customer innovation labs’):

  • need design principles to ensure innovations remain consumer-centric
  • are more likely to be trusted by citizens if they are run locally, rather than nationally
  • must first focus on citizen/ customer value
  • will evolve to include components which are not yet mature in the market
  • will enable cities to empower its citizens to make smart decisions (i.e. ‘smart cities’ are as much about individuals acting smartly as about smart infrastructure)
  • will need partnerships with personal data innovators

If you would like to know more about Ctrl-Shift’s work on Smart Cities and Customer Innovation Labs, please get in touch above.