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Making the Internet of Things real

Posted on: Monday 5th of May 2014

‘Smart cities’ are quickly becoming a reality in Europe—as explained in this video message from Neelie Kroes, EU Commissioner for the Digital Agenda. Using data to make cities ‘smart’ brings significant potential benefits to both organisations and citizens.

One important component of this opportunity is smart transport. Ctrl-Shift has been working to develop the business models and value chains for the Stride project—a Smart Transport Internet of Things Data Ecosystem that will enable a more efficient and efficacious use of transport infrastructure. A set of resources and materials highlighting the results of the project are now available on the Stride Showcase. Ctrl-Shift’s Ian Banner talked about our work for Stride and the significance of the Internet of Things in a presentation he gave at the “Business in Oxford” event last week.

The Stride Showcase

The Stride project has been exploring ways for the transport and logistics sector to exploit its rich and complex data asset base more intelligently. The challenge is to create an environment where data providers have incentives to share data, and where application and services providers can access this data in a usable manner. The project collected diverse transport data from sensors and events and there are now over 50 data sets on BT’s  Information Hub including both privately owned data and Open Data with relevant T&Cs. Stride consortium members, and others, have been able to develop innovative smart transport applications using the data on the Information Hub combined with other sources of Open Data. Three organisations are now running trials of some the applications with discussions actively ongoing about full-scale deployment. A wealth of resources and materials are now available on the Stride website, including an explanatory video and further details about the smart transport applications developed during the project.

Business in Oxford 2014

Ian Banner spoke about the project at the ‘Business in Oxford’ Event at the Said Business School . The Business in Oxford event drew together 300 business leaders to discuss the long term plans for Oxford—with presentations from the planning team at Oxford Council and many other key businesses in the area, such as Chiltern Railways and the Oxford Knowledge Company. Ian’s presentation highlighted the broader potential of Internet of Things and the strong link to personal data: a lot of Internet of Things data is actually personal data because it’s data about peoples use of devices, or data about their behaviour. Getting the link between ‘thing’ data and personal data right is essential if the Internet of Things is to work successfully. If you want to find out more you can download Ian’s presentation: Everything you always wanted to know about the Internet of Things but were too afraid to ask.

The UK is beginning to be recognised as leader for innovation around the Internet of Things and Smart Cities and personal data plays a big part in how efficient and beneficial the outcome will be. ‘Smart’ solutions can drive business growth, improve the lives of individuals and empower communities when properly executed. If you are interested in our related work or would like to discuss any of these topics further, please feel free to get in touch.