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Sizing the prize – the business case for Personal Information Management Services

Posted on: Monday 24th of March 2014

Ctrl-Shift is undertaking a major new research project to identify the business and economic case for PIMS (Personal Information Management Services) that help individuals collect and manage information under their own control and use information (including personal information) to make better decisions and manage their lives better.

We’re looking for case studies, data, and input from a wide range of sources including new services and existing brands (what are the opportunities? what are the threats? and where are do they impact the most?).

If you want to be at the front line of understanding how your business and market will be affected by the rise of Personal Information Economy, then we strongly recommend you take part in this research, part of which involves testing business impact models and feeding these models with robust data.

We’re particularly looking for inputs from the banking, energy and retail sectors. If you would like to know more and to take part in this research, please get in touch with Alan Mitchell at