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Alan Mitchell discusses ‘why now?’ for the Personal Information Economy 2014 event

Posted on: Tuesday 4th of March 2014

In this 3 minute video, Ctrl-Shift’s strategy director Alan Mitchell explains why now is the ideal moment for Ctrl-Shift to bring together organisations, professionals and leading thinkers in a unique conference dedicated to the new and rapidly transforming personal information economy. Ctrl-Shift’s inaugural Personal Information Economy event will be held in London on March 20, 2014. With only two weeks to go, this is an event not to be missed by those who want to hear first hand about the game changing opportunities and implications of the information-rich digital economy.

Alan tells us, “One of the things about this market is that people have been talking about it in theory for years, and now it’s actually beginning to happen. What this conference is really about is to show how it’s happening and to help organisations to see where and how they can join in and get the benefits from doing so”.

Alan talks about how the conference will cover industry hot topics including changing consumer behaviours, development of new business models, trust, innovation, identity, Smart Cities and the Internet of Things—all related to personal data. A fantastic range of speakers will be joining us who are involved at the cutting-edge of creating this new economy – Sir Nigel Shadbolt, Chair of the Open Data Institute and for the UK Government’s midata programme; Christopher Graham, Information Commissioner, ICO; James Leaton Gray, Head of Information Policy and Compliance, BBC; and Martin Hayward, VP Global Strategy, Aimia. There is also a unique “Entrepreneurs’ Showcase” which will feature innovative companies and rising stars in the sector.



For FAQs and more information about the event see the Personal Information Economy 2014 website.