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David Pickering joins Ctrl-Shift as Chairman

Posted on: Thursday 20th of February 2014

We are delighted to announce our new Chairman, David Pickering, along with two other new members of our senior team who have joined Ctrl-Shift to support the company’s growth and future development.

The personal information economy is evolving rapidly – with  individuals increasingly exerting their choice over the amount of information they share with organisations – and far sighted brands are realising that building trusted data sharing relationships is key to future success. Our forthcoming Personal Information Economy 2014 event explores the business opportunities of this new landscape. As the market is developing the demand for our unique market analyst and advisory service that helps organisations understand the events that are unfolding, when and how to act, is rising and our business is mirroring this growth.

David Pickering joins as Ctrl-Shift’s Chairman. David has held Chief Executive, Chairman and Divisional Director roles for leading consulting and technology services businesses. With a keen customer and sales focus, he has expertise in building start-up enterprises into successful consulting brands – his previous business, Charteris Ltd, growing to become one of the top 40 management consulting businesses in the UK.  David also has extensive corporate experience. As a Director with global IT services firm Logica he led the growth of some of its largest operating units.

David says, “Ctrl-Shift is at the heart of developments as the personal data revolution is underway and I am excited to join its great team at this pivotal moment. I am looking forward to bringing my experience in the strategic development of consulting and technology businesses to help Ctrl-Shift advance and expand as it continues to excel at helping organisations and governments realise the full economic value of the new personal information economy.”

Jamie Smith joins as Senior Consultant specialising in proposition development, innovation strategy and research, project management and organisation change. He has ten years business and innovation consulting experience gained from Deloitte and BT, having delivered a wide range of projects for both public and private sector clients. He adds, “As personal data becomes critical to the delivery of digital value and data sharing strategies take centre stage, I am looking forward to helping organisations seize the opportunities and respond to the challenges emerging from the digital economy”.

Ian Banner, also Senior Consultant, has over 25 years experience in IT working across the telecommunications, banking, utility and retail sectors. Before joining Ctrl-Shift Ian spent five years working at Telefonica in the UK leading their Agile Transformation and more recently was seconded from Telefonica to work as the Technical Director for the midata Innovation Lab. Ian combines a unique mix of technical experience and know-how and delivery expertise, alongside strong communication and business consultancy skills. He is at the forefront of speaking about and delivering agility into large organisations.

Ian says, “We are in the middle of the third major societal revolution. After the Agricultural and Industrial revolutions of previous centuries, we now have the Digital Revolution. The affect this will have on us personally and corporately is fundamental and largely still unclear. Ctrl Shift is a company at the forefront of understanding and making sense of this in terms of personal information. I am delighted to be joining the company at such a crucial time when making sense of this is critical to UK’s future growth and prosperity.”

David, Jamie and Ian bring invaluable knowledge and experience to the Ctrl-Shift team. They will be great assets as the market develops and during the next key phase of our growth. For more information on the Ctrl-Shift team click here.