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Data protection and trust

Posted on: Tuesday 28th of January 2014

Today is European Data Protection Day, an annual event raising awareness of what kind of data is collected about people, how it is used and the rights we have about such processing. Data Protection Day takes place on January 28 every year commemorating the signing of Convention 108, the first legally binding international treaty dealing with privacy and data protection.

It is the ideal day to reflect on how rapidly the personal information economy is evolving, and, as it does so, how it is changing our economy, society and expectations with it creating the need for vital new services such as Trust Frameworks.

The Guardian recently reported research by GlobalWebIndex which found that 28% of global web users were using privacy tools, with 56% of users claiming the internet is “eroding their personal privacy”. Whilst the growth of the personal information economy presents many business opportunities which far sighted managers are starting to seize, regulators, strategists, data scientists and marketing professionals need to also be aware of the issues managing information about us presents. There is a new opportunity to build trusted data relationships which maximise and enhance the value for all of the new digital era.

Trust frameworks are one way forward. Trust Frameworks offer an innovative and effective response to growing consumer concerns about how their data is gathered, used and monetised. They can take different forms but all share a common underlying purpose of using trust to facilitate value creation.

At Ctrl-Shift we have been reviewing the development of work on-going in this area and will soon be publishing further research on Trust Frameworks, their governance, business models and likely market evolution. The research also features case studies with some Trust Framework providers.

One of the organisations featured in the forthcoming research is Synergetics and we’re delighted to announce Luk Vervenne, founder of Synergetics, will be joining us at our inaugural Personal Information Economy 2014 event in March. Luk will be joined by Jane Frost, CEO of the Market Research Society, in the session ‘Enabling trust as a platform for growth’, offering you the chance to hear first-hand how suppliers and customer-facing organisations are using platforms such as Trust Frameworks to streamline interactions and enable new value creation.

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