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Merry Christmas from Ctrl-Shift

Posted on: Friday 20th of December 2013

We would like to wish you a Merry Christmas and happy holidays from everybody at Ctrl-Shift. It’s been an exciting year for us and there’s been a real change in the air across the Personal Information Economy. This year we have seen personal data become a growing priority for businesses and consumers alike.

In 2013 the growing market for personal data empowerment saw key business developments, changing consumer attitudes, technological innovations and legal and regulatory developments. High profile organisations and some leading blue chip brands promoted privacy and data transparency for consumers. There was growing controversy over the way some companies and governments gather, share and use personal data. Technological developments kick-started the rapid development of the Internet of Things and brought the practical uses of Big Data andOpen Data to light. Attempts to reform EU data protection remained a focal point for international debate on the regulation of personal data.There have been many new Personal Information Management Services launched that enable individuals to control and use their personal data to improve their lives. We’ve featured some of these services on our Blog such as Handshake and CTRLio. For a full round-up of the key developments in 2013 see our report ‘Personal Information Economy Round-Up 2013’.

The rapid evolution of the Personal Information Economy is increasingly being recognised as a business opportunity for creating new efficiencies and innovations, reinventing relationships with customers, cutting costs, adding new value, building trust and creating economic growth and social benefit. Ctrl-Shift helps organisations embrace these opportunities. If you would like to engage more closely with our work in 2014 you can subscribe to access all of our ongoing research along with a bespoke analyst day. This will enable you to analyse the market and to forecast when you need to act, benchmark where you are today and track progress, and engage your team around a vision for the future. If you would like to discuss this please get in touch.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!