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Internet of Things ‘cluster’ for smart transport

Posted on: Wednesday 31st of July 2013

Ctrl-Shift is working on a ground breaking Technology Strategy Board funded project called Stride which, over the last few months, has created, and aims to sustain, a thriving Internet of Things ‘cluster’ for smart transport. Initially focused on the East of England, the ‘cluster’ brings together Internet of Things technology (BT’s Information Hub) and novel services/apps to enable the trusted sharing of data between things, people and organisations. The aim is to create new value, efficiencies and improvements in the use of our road infrastructure.

Critical to establishing and maintaining the ‘cluster’ is collaboration with all the stakeholders involved. Yesterday we ran a workshop bringing together the Stride Founding Participants – Turners (Soham) Ltd, Department for Transport, Councils, the Port of Felixstowe, the Highways Agency, Elgin and Vix Technology – at Cambridge University to listen to their aims for taking part, and to brainstorm some of the priority challenges for us all to address.

We know that the real challenge for catalysing the value of Stride isn’t in overcoming the technical issues, but rather understanding and reducing the commercial and cultural barriers to sharing Internet of Things data. We’ll continue to work closely with these organisations to share data with the Hub and define their business case for doing so. We also want to continue to learn what their requirements are, which parts of the process provide the greatest value, and the apps and use cases which solve their business needs.

Here is a link to the Stride website which provides a summary of the event, some photos and short interviews with Nick Illsley, Department for Transport, and Shane O’Neill, Chairman of Elgin, about what they want achieve from being involved.

We will provide regular updates on the progress of Stride now the ‘cluster’ is up and running. You can also follow developments via twitter.