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Trust Frameworks: an opportunity to close the gap on trust

Posted on: Friday 12th of July 2013

This week saw the public launch of midata Innovation Lab.  The mIL is a world first, empowering individuals as the point of integration of data about their own lives. One of the key questions that the mIL will explore is how to build trust and confidence in data sharing when, potentially, handing over so much more, richer data to a service provider?

One answer, increasingly discussed, is Trust Frameworks: which create rules, mechanisms and governance processes agreed across many parties to ensure trust, protection and confidence in data sharing. As part of our work in advising the midata programme we did some research into what Trust Frameworks there are out there, what they are trying to do, and how they work.

We have published a paper – ‘Trust Frameworks: harnessing trust in an information economy’, and we held an Explorers’ Club event to discuss the opportunities and benefits opened up by Trust Frameworks. We invited David Alexander, CEO Mydex; Jane Frost, CEO Market Research Society; and Luk Vervenne, CEO Synergetics to tell us more about their approaches to Trust Frameworks and the challenges around creating trust.

Here is our Storify from the event.