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Track My Macca’s – The Flip in action

Posted on: Wednesday 19th of June 2013

A few months ago we discussed The Flip – organisations turning their knowledge, expertise and information into a customer service.  A new app launched in Australia that allows McDonald’s customers to track the ingredients in their burgers shows one example of The Flip in action.

‘Track My Macca’s is a transparency tool that informs consumers about where McDonald’s sources ingredients for the food they are eating. By scanning QR codes on the side of Big Mac and other boxes, consumers can follow the journey of their meal’s ingredients and see videos about the farmers, bakers and fisherman that supplied them.

Track My Macca’s aggregates information provided by the customer about what product they’re eating with location data. This is then matched up to information about the suppliers of that particular restaurant, letting the user know where their meat, bun and fries came from via an interactive application.

For a business like McDonald’s, which has received bad press about healthy eating and obesity (see Morgan Spurlock’s Super Size Me), this sort of initiative helps create new customer value out of data while improving the brand’s reputation at two levels: the quality of the food itself, and its openness and transparency.

McDonald’s say they’ve got no plans to bring this particular service to the UK, but it’s a neat little example of organisations use information they already have (in this case supplier and supply chain information) and repackaging it to address customer concerns.