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Smart Transport Internet of Things Data Ecosystem website goes live

Posted on: Friday 14th of June 2013

The website for the Stride project is now live. This is where you can go to find out about the latest developments in Stride and more information about how to get involved. Stride is the Smart Transport Internet of Things Data Ecosystem. It is a live demonstration of the opportunities and value the Internet of Things provides. See our blog post to find out more about the project and our involvement.

Last week Stride exhibited at Modelling World 2013, a leading event for data users and analysts, modellers, planners and consultants. At the event Alistair Duke from BT spoke about the project’s aims and demonstrated the new smart transport applications being developed.

Stride will also be represented at the BLN Internet of Things 2013 event on June 27. Dr John Davies from BT will be presenting Stride and discussing the plans for the year long project along with what we expect to learn, achieve and share. Ctrl-Shift CEO Liz Brandt will also be on the panel for ‘Smart Cities and Transportation: how multiple partner projects work’. The other members of the panel are: Gerd Korteum, Open University; Katherine Woodhouse, Schneider Electric; and Alicia Asin, Libelium. Together they will be considering the business case for smart cities and large IoT transportation projects, how you create value chains and bring together participants to create an ecosystem, the barriers and opportunities. The event has a fantastic line up of speakers and really interesting programme including a session on winning IoT business models.

We will be sharing learnings from the Stride project throughout the year on the new website’s Resources page. Already you can find out about the business opportunity from Stride and more information about how BT’s Information Hub will underpin the project. You can also keep up to date with progress and news by following Stride on Twitter.