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Trust Frameworks: an opportunity to close the gap on trust

Posted on: Thursday 23rd of May 2013

A new, short paper published today by Ctrl-Shift explores the business opportunity presented by Trust Frameworks. It is a useful introduction and reference document for marketing leads, customer experience strategists and data scientists who want to understand more about such frameworks and their potential to add value to organisations competing in our data rich economy.

Trust Frameworks offer an innovative and effective response to growing consumer concerns about how their data is gathered, used and monetised. They can take different forms but all share a common underlying purpose of using trust to facilitate value creation.

Ctrl-Shift’s research of the framework market has found that it is rapidly developing with a number of different initiatives. Our paper describes their common features and typical enforcement measures. It also covers the different business models and provisions for data sharing.

Companies today are facing a growing challenge to how they use information assets to drive change, improve agility and customer focus. Putting trust and transparency at the heart of customer relationships is key and understanding the development of the Trust Framework market could be a critical next step to ensuring the right data led customer engagement strategy.

The paper is free to download. If you would like more information on Trust Frameworks or to discuss opportunities arising from the developments in the information economy please get in contact with Chris.