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Smart Transport Internet of Things Ecosystem (Stride)

Posted on: Wednesday 15th of May 2013

We have created a short, nifty video which explains the Stride (Smart Transport Internet of Things Data Ecosystem) project that Ctrl-Shift has started working on with Cambridge University, Dartt, Aimes Grid Services and project lead BT. The video covers Stride’s aims, what the consortium expects to achieve over the next year, and the value and opportunity for businesses from participating.

Funded by the Technology Strategy Board, Stride is one of eight Internet of Things clusters that will be developed and launched over the next year representing a Government investment of £6.2 million to spur innovation in this exciting and fast developing market. In particular Stride will look at how Internet of Things technology and services can be used to create real efficiencies in the use of our transport infrastructure, particularly in the East of England.

The hard and fascinating work has begun on the project and we have all ‘hit the ground’ running. From Ctrl-Shift’s point of view we are well under way engaging with stakeholders to explain the potential benefits of sharing their data assets with Stride and to understand the business case for doing so. The business opportunity for participating was presented at the recent East of England Transport Initiative meeting with the project gaining good support from the Councils, the Highways Agency, logistics organisations and others present at the meeting. Now we are turning to working with these stakeholders to understand their technology requirements and their commercial terms and conditions for sharing data.

Also, as the new apps that will use the data in Stride are developed, including for Journey Time Prediction, Traffic Incident System and Driver Behaviour, we are evaluating the potential business models of the apps, demonstrating the value that can be generated. The focus on understanding how the value flows and the types of business models enabled is critical to the success of Stride and the Internet of Things market more generally. As the Harvard Business Review neatly comments “[Managers] need to envision the valuable new offerings that become possible when the physical world is merged with the virtual world and potentially every physical object can be both intelligent and networked. And, starting now, they must create the organizations and web-based business models that can turn these ideas into reality.”

Enjoy the video. There will soon be a Stride website and you can also keep up to date with progress and news by following Stride on Twitter.