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WEF ‘Tiger Team’ meeting

Posted on: Wednesday 13th of June 2012

Tomorrow a group of specially invited experts and leaders from across the emerging personal data landscape meet in London to discuss and review the latest outputs from the World Economic Forum’s Re-thinking Personal Data project. There will be contributors, who we have helped to bring together, from the telecoms, retail, financial services, media, advertising, government and technology sectors, comprising a mix of commercial, legal/policy and technical functions.

This international ‘Tiger Team’, managed by STL Partners with the support of other members of the Re-thinking Personal Data project team, will tackle some of the priority issues raised in WEF’s recent personal data report, and which we have been talking about for some time. These include how to create and implement the right rules and tools to bring about the emergence of a personal data ecosystem where people are in control of the collection, use, sharing and monetisation of their personal data, and how to encourage the powerful driver of volunteered personal information.

There will be different working groups covering commercial, technical and legal/policy developments. In the commercial group we will be discussing the fascinating area of how to apply new approaches to personal data to value chains and business models, and the opportunities and value creation this opens up. The technical team will continue to develop ideas around how to create a universal Personal Data Rights Language, and the legal team at how to create a common global code of best practice based around personal data principles that can be applied by any business.

With this level of global expertise, and the commitment from so many different leading organisations to the development of personal data as a new class of economic asset, we’re looking forward to some interesting discussions and expecting some firm developments and practical action plans. We’ll share our thoughts on the outcomes after the event.