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Chris Nutt joins Ctrl-Shift

Posted on: Wednesday 18th of January 2012

We’re delighted to announce a new addition to the Ctrl-Shift team. Chris Nutt will be joining us at the beginning of February to help us develop our business.

Chris has a 20 year track record in helping organisations harness technology – mainly in the retail area – and so adds considerable experience to us. He has worked as a strategic advisor with some of the UK’s most successful brands. His experience ranges from designing and implementing customer insight solutions through to the development and management of strategies for transforming multi-channel businesses.

We’re anticipating 2012 to be an exciting growth year as we build on last year’s success, delivering more and differently for our current clients and continuing to offer a unique market analyst and advisory service that helps organisations embrace the opportunities created by consumer empowerment.

The market is evolving rapidly as individuals take more effective control of their personal data and we are at the heart of these changes, researching and advising organisations about the implications and possibilities of the new landscape. We’re thrilled that Chris is joining us at this pivotal moment. He will become a member of the senior management team along with Liz, Alan, Paul and Claire.

Chris says, “What attracted me to Ctrl-Shift is the superb quality of their work as well as their complete commitment to provide a truly customer-centric view of the world. I’m looking forward to applying my experience to help drive and develop the business, capitalising on the seismic shift taking place currently in the market. The explosion of new channels, the growth of price comparison and product data and the need for improved customer insight and intimacy are driving organisations to respond to the new world in which they find themselves. Ctrl-Shift is at the centre of this world and I am really excited to be part of it.”

Co-founder William Heath is stepping down from all executive duties at Ctrl-Shift and will cease to act as a director. This is to concentrate on the live launch of the Mydex Personal Data Store service which he helped found. William retains a shareholding in Ctrl-Shift. He has played a critical role in driving our success over the last few years and we thank him for all his enormous contribution.

Our shareholders

Ctrl-Shift is a privately owned company set up to help businesses improve their engagement with their customers. Our major shareholders have a shared vision for our company which involves providing accurate, evidence based research and impartial advice to organisations preparing to adapt and thrive in an environment of increasing consumer empowerment.

We should point out that William and Alan are also shareholders in Mydex Community Interest Company, a Personal Data Store service with a goal of empowering consumers with control over their own data. The two companies are run entirely separately with different management teams and with differing governance structures.