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Google will talk about data openness and transparency at Ctrl-Shift’s midata event

Posted on: Thursday 27th of October 2011

Theo Bertram, UK Policy Manager for Google, will talk about data openness and transparency at Ctrl-Shift’s forthcoming event ‘to hoard or to share: midata and the personal data sharing revolution’ on 9th November.

Theo will showcase Google Dashboard as a great example of a ‘midata-enabled’ service – a service which releases back to customers the data held on them in an electronic, reusable format. All the data generated by people when they are signed in to their Google Account is transparent on the Dashboard, users have options to update and delete their data, change settings, and control their experience, and they can export their data from Google at anytime using Data Liberation which can be accessed in Account Settings.

Theo will also give an update on the work of the Data Liberation Front which is an engineering team at Google whose singular goal is to make it easier for users to move their data in and out of Google products.

His presentation will form part of the event session focused on what some large customer-facing companies are doing to get ready for the challenge of the Government’s midata programme. He will be joined by representatives from Experian – who are talking about the need to rethink business models – and from Barclaycard – who are covering the need to ensure customer trust in this new era of data sharing.

All the presentations and the interactive round tables at the event are designed to help organisations understand the opportunities and threats, implications and considerations of consumers empowered by their personal data.

To read the full programme click here. To book please register with Ctrl-Shift and download the booking form.