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Exciting times – a new tipping point

Posted on: Friday 23rd of September 2011

Many of you familiar with our work will have heard us use the phrase “tipping point”; and one of these may well have emerged with Facebook Gestures – as one commentator put it Prepare for the Oversharing Explosion. Well, we think we’ve reached a smaller one, albeit still significant, in our business – it is time to expand! It’s exciting and you may be able to help us.

First up, we’re after two business development professionals. And no, we’re not using BDM as a euphemism for sales. We need two people who can listen carefully to our clients’ needs and help turn them into sales, yes, but also use the ideas and input to develop new products and services.

One role is focused on our major accounts, where we want to be able to continue to help our clients understand the deep implications for them as a specific business. Your skills here will have been honed in understanding business needs and then working with our analysts and consultants to create a bespoke consulting assignment for the client.

The second is to help develop our “off the shelf” services – our subscriptions and our events. Our clients rely on us to scan the market, analyse change, predict the future and then set them on the right path. We are looking for someone who can sell our subscriptions and events but also demonstrate a good understanding of the business needs and the issues different clients are facing – to help develop our services that are totally in line with our customers’ needs. It’s VPI (volunteered (personal) information) in action!

We are also looking for some offices. Our preference would be central London – in a rectangle bounded by Euston and Kings’ Cross in the north and Waterloo and Victoria in the south. We’re quite self-sufficient – we literally need only six desks and chairs and a secure internet connection – so are quite happy to squat in a spare corner or consider other options right up to taking on an unexpired lease – our key consideration is flexibility. As a small business we plan that we will grow as quickly as we have done over the last 18 months – and hope that our 2013 challenge will be to look for even larger offices.

For more information, just drop us a note (email or if you are specifically interested in the bespoke BDM role,