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mydata: a progress update

Posted on: Thursday 21st of July 2011

The government’s mydata programme is gaining good momentum. This week members of the mydata Working Group, including large corporations from both energy and finance sectors and representatives from consumer groups and regulatory organisations, met for a workshop. Organisations from the telecoms and retail sectors meet next week.

First on the workshop agenda was the mydata Charter and principles for all participating organisations to sign up to. These were agreed in outline and will now be honed and finalised before being published in the autumn, with, hopefully, at least 20 companies signed up.  A formal announcement is planned for October when the expectation is that some practical roll-outs of data hand-backs will be announced for a ‘go live’ date in April 2012.

Although that sounds a long way off, there is a lot of work to be done over the next few months. Initial projects include defining the main types and fields of data held by companies on consumers and starting the process of revolutionising the current legally-binding process for consumers to get data from suppliers – subject access requests.

All the key milestones of the mydata programme support the overarching strategy of achieving transparency (being open and transparent about what customer data the organisation holds), access (enabling individuals to have secure, personal access to data held about them), control (empowering individuals with the ability to correct, update, change settings, preferences, permissions etc) and transfer (releasing data back to the individual).

If you want to read our briefing paper on mydata click here.  We’re planning a briefing session towards the end of September, so if you want to come along click here.