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When is a brand not a brand

Posted on: Friday 14th of January 2011

Well just take a look at Nike, out there are the front of the pack. They have just launched with Tom Tom a GPS sports watch. Runners will be able to plug their watch into their computer and the information gathered from the run, including total miles, pace and elevation data, can be then analysed and compared. Runners will be able to compare notes, share routes and all via Nike. Nothing too earth shattering about that until you think about what the Nike Brand is becoming.

It’s becoming, at least in part, a Brand as an information service. A brand runners will turn to to find a running route, share information with other like minded people. It may well feel like it is just going to be another way of gather and using information, much like the Nike+ apps that they have been waging competition over with Adidas. But actually it’s not the watch or the information gathering, which is the game changer here, its the brand positioning. Which sports will Nike bring their brand as an information service to next and do AKQA, their digital agency know what sort of tiger they have by the tail?