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The Consumer Decision-Making Revolution

Posted on: Monday 5th of October 2009

Our next research theme is the many ways in which consumers, customers and citizens are changing the way they make decisions. That’s obviously driven by new technologies, but there’s another aspect we cannot ignore – a steady stream of revelations as to how human beings make decisions in the first place.

We’ve just published a Ctrl-Shift ‘Heads Up’ outlining some of the issues raised by these new discoveries. For an eight point summary click here, and for the full discussion click here.

The bottom line? Far from ushering in a new era of control, where organisations use their knowledge of psychology to get customers/citizens to do what they want them to do, we suggest a step-change in value is emerging.

First level: “provide me with better products and services” – that will always be important

Second level: “help me make, and implement, better decisions”.

The implications of this second level are far reaching.