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The Empowered Future: an RfI

Posted on: Friday 5th of June 2009

The empowered individual will touch every sector and every sector will find its way in making the most of the changes this offers. We have an opportunity to change the education sector, empower the learner and support future economic growth.

For me one of the keys to unlocking a successful future for any country is its future skills, our young people and everyone’s lifelong learning. In the UK we’ve come a long way since a job for life. People are now predicting that today’s kids will, over their lives, learn 15 completely new skill sets. This means that the core skills will be unknowing how to learn and how to manage your learning. Set alongside that are the challenges that face us all: climate change, a new economic environment and globalisation. For our young people this could not be more different from the challenges that the older of us have faced.

Today Ctrl-Shift releases a Request for Information here: portable-personal-education-record-rfi that forms a corner stone of this future.

Ctrl-Shift is working with a UK client on an action learning project that examines how to empower the learner. One of the core elements of the project is to investigate the Portable Personal Education Record (PPER) and having completed the early scoping work our client wants to get a firm understanding of what the technology can do, what the costs are likely to be and what the ongoing future prospects would be. This will enable us to do more detailed budgeting and strategic planning before progressing to future stages.

To give you a bit more meat to chew on here’s is more about the project.

The vision for the PPER sits within a broader vision of the “empowered learner”. The engagement of learners in their learning has long been the holy grail of educationalists, with personalised learning often discussed yet shrouded in mystery about how it can be delivered.

The PPER provides an opportunity to be part of disruptive change of the UK education system, creating a dynamic demand-led market, supported by learning supply that is more agile and better able to serve society. The PPER will help empower learners to manage and develop skills and offers opportunities for reducing the costs of skills development. The same opportunities presented by the PPER and the empowered learner are already being embraced by other markets in the form of the empowered consumer.

The PPER also offers the opportunity to drive a more agile and efficient learning supply market and by supporting a closer relationship between learners and potential employers offers an opportunity for a coherent demand side voice.

The opportunity presented by the empowered learner and the PPER promises economic growth both in the domestic and education international market.

If you want more then have a read of the RFI and give me a ring on +44 (0)207 000 1907