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Why focus on consumer empowerment?

Posted on: Monday 6th of April 2009

Why do I believe this issue of ‘consumer empowerment’ to be so important?

The upfront answer is that appearances can be deceptive. The appearance is that we are basically dealing with ‘more of the same’: more informed, more savvy consumers who are better able to make better decisions.

But I would argue that the forms of consumer ‘empowerment’ that are emerging right now reach much, much further; that over the coming years they will transform how organisations go-to-market and deal with their customers, what they bring to market, and how they create it.

Even more fundamentally, the new forms of ‘consumer empowerment’ are opening up rich new win-wins between organisations and their customers; win-wins that will change underlying business models too.

In other words, understanding consumer empowerment is key to understanding change. Trouble is, old, traditional ways of framing and seeing these issues simply miss all this. Their ‘more of the same’ assumptions are a form of blindness.

Over the next few blogs, I hope to justify these claims …