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April newsletter: UK leading the global market

Posted on: Thursday 26th of April 2012

It has been a busy month where we have attended and hosted several events. They highlight the way that public opinion, technology, regulatory and commercial pressures are all lining up to unleash a sea change in the personal data landscape. What’s also becoming clear is that the UK is leading the world in giving individuals control over their data. In this issue we’ll tell you about these events, our new research and a smattering of market news.

A £1bn opportunity?

Our latest research (to be published on Monday April 30) is a comprehensive review of all the players in the emerging Personal Data Store (PDS) market. This work has a ‘wow’ factor.

PDSs are a disruptive innovation and right now there’s an explosion of activity in this space around the world with over a dozen launches underway or planned for this year. We believe the market for PDSs could be worth as much as £1bn in 2016. The challenge ahead is not whether there will be sufficient data for data stores to be worthwhile but whether PDS suppliers can persude consumers they offer a sufficiently compelling, valuable and life-enhancing service.

Infographic: mapping the timeline for the control shift    

We have published an Infographic showing the timeline of developments in the personal data landscape. It captures the events and predictions, brainstormed in our Explorers’ Club event in January, relating to personal data that will influence the development of the control shift and evolving consumer empowerment.

We hope the Infographic is useful for anyone wanting to understand how things might map out over the next five years. We’d love you to share it widely: it’s just the start of a big debate. You can download a copy here.   

The Respect Network

Liz Brandt, Ctrl-Shift’s CEO, attended the European Identity Management conference in Munich where some critical discussions were taking place about the role of identity management in releasing the value of personal data. At the event the concept, business model and underlying technology of the Respect Network was launched. This is the world’s first Vendor Relationship Management Network and, as one of the Founding Partners, we are delighted to be supporting its development.  

MesInfos UK visit

We’ve hosted an intensive two day event for the participants of the French MesInfos programme. This programme is very similar in its aims to midata and concerned with encouraging French organisations holding customer data to release this back to them in a reusable way.

The delegates, who included representatives from Société Générale, Le Groupe La Poste, Monoprix and Orange-France Telecom Group, visited the UK to learn about midata and developments around personal data from the key players involved. To read more about MesInfos click here.

Let’s join the dots

A packed Explorers’ Club met on April 25 to hear how important the personal data market is becoming across the world. Here are three interesting comments from Drummond Reed, MD of Respect Network: ‘The single biggest driver about consumer personal data issues is Facebook’; ‘In a VRM network there is no company in the centre with access to all data about everyone’; and ‘The business model for Respect Network is based on Relationship-as-a-Service’.

Doc Searls, a leading globally renowned thinker on Vendor Relationship Management and author of a new book ‘The Intention Economy: When Customers Take Charge’, gave a short history lesson on the three ages of man (agricultural, industrial and information) but asked: ‘Why do companies die when cities live?’. He said: ‘You can bomb cities but they thrive. Cities live because they are networks. Companies will have to learn how to build networks between themselves and individuals.’

Daniel Kaplan, CEO of Fing (the organisation which is responsible for the MesInfos programme) updated us on what is happening in France and agreed with Doc: “We’ve been industrialising relationships so much there is no relationship left”.

Jenny Mills from UK’s Information Commissioner’s Office offered advice about the likely implementation of the EU DPA. She said: ‘Start preparing now and get involved in the discussions’.

Market news  

Personal data platform Singly has announced it has received $7million in funding.

The guiding identity and privacy principles for the UK’s ID Assurance programme have been published.

The debate continues about the relative merits of Big Data vs Small Data, but we suggest there may be another level to investigate – Running Data.