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Mapping the timeline for the control shift

Posted on: Tuesday 31st of January 2012

At our Explorers’ Club event last week we had a fascinating session mapping out the events and predictions from now until 2017 that will influence the development of the control shift and evolving consumer empowerment.

We honed in on just one aspect of the control shift – how personal data is managed, collected and used – and grouped predictions in terms of:

  • social and cultural changes;
  • corporate commercial activity;
  • entrepreneurial activity;
  • technology; and
  • legislation, regulation, policies, protocols and standards.

With 25 knowledgeable attendees – representing large corporations, small entrepreneurial businesses, suppliers of new personal information services and legal experts –  together we quickly created approximately 100 predictions across these themes, and plotted them along the timeline.

We’ll be developing this timeline into an Infographic over the next few weeks – which we expect will  be a useful reference for everyone wanting to explore and understand the changes that are taking place in the personal data landscape.

But if you want to see some of the discussion graphic artist Joel Cooper captured the themes and aspects of the evolving story in a drawing below.

Our next Explorers’ Club – which is our quarterly get-together to explore the new landscape created by the control shift – will take place at the end of April/early May. At this session we’re planning to start thinking about how organisations should respond to the timeline and what the implications for them are. If you’d like to attend, or, if you’d like to join our Explorers’ Club Linkedin Group, please email Claire.