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September newsletter – developments in the control shift

Posted on: Thursday 29th of September 2011

We’ve witnessed some interesting developments in the control shift this month and you can see a round-up of these in Market news. Also in this issue we’ll update you on our forthcoming mydata event, highlight our continuing exploration of the ramifications of the emerging market for decision-making services, and outline the plans for our Autumn/Winter research programme.

A radical shift of power

Within a few years, all organisations and companies holding customer data in the UK will be involved in releasing their data back to their customers encouraged by the Government’s mydata programme. And this radical shift isn’t just happening in this country. On September 8th the US Government issued a memorandum to agencies to require, encourage, or permit the “timely release of  complex information and data in standardized, machine readable formats in ways that enable consumers to make informed decisions.” This is a major step forward in the control shift.

mydata – the business opportunity

In October the UK Government will be making a signficant mydata announcement. Shortly afterwards on November 9th we’re holding a workshop in central London for organisations that want to gain a better understanding of the initiative including the vision for mydata, prospects, considerations and implications. It will be a mix of presentations and practical, interactive round tables, and we’re looking forward to approximately 50 people getting together to discuss and maximise the mydata opportunity. We’ve some great speakers lined up from DfBIS and Cabinet Office, major industry players, the World Economic Forum, and new entrants that have seized the opportunities offered by the changing personal data landscape to develop new services. It will be a really interesting and stimulating day and a great way to meet key business leaders championing this major change. Delegate places cost £495 (+VAT). If you would like to attend, or know someone who would, please contact Karen Hindle.

The decision-making market

We’ve continued the series of blog posts on the rise of the new market for decision-making services, suggesting that:

We’ve explored:

  • how decision-support services actually change the way other markets work; and
  • what a better decision looks like.

Ctrl-Shift research

We’ve been planning our Autumn/Winter research schedule which will include an updated report on Personal Information Management Services (PIMS) and a new report on another emerging market, that of decision support. Hot off the press in the next week or so is ‘The New Personal Data Landscape’. This briefing paper explores the tectonic shift in personal data as individuals manage their own information, why it’s happening right now, what forms it’s taking and effects it’s having. The briefing concludes with practical advice on how organisations should respond by developing a new information sharing relationship with customers and a Volunteered Personal Information (VPI) strategy. Watch out for it on our website. For organisations wanting to start on this journey please take our VPI audit.

Ctrl-Shift, Barclays and Citizens Advice

On October 3rd Liz Brandt , Ctrl-Shift’s CEO, is chairing an event at the Conservative Party Conference: A Nudge and A Wink, Or A Push And A Shove? How can consumers be empowered to make good financial decisions? Sponsored by Barclays and Citizens Advice, it should prove to be an interesting session.  We’ll report back in next month’s newsletter.

Market news

Over the last month we’ve come across specialised PIMS like HelloHealth, Avado, and Milewise, all of which will be included in our new report on the subject.

We’ve also seen some developments and new approaches to managing personal identity online. MyID is a digital identity certification platform that people can use to certify their digital identity and any content that they publish over the Internet. is a new social web service that enables users to build a personal trust network using peer-to-peer vouching.

The launch of Facebook Gestures last week has big implications for Volunteered Personal Information and, as some commentators have said, there will be an explosion of information sharing. Facebook is rapidly changing the personal data landscape, driven by individuals who are increasingly understanding the power and value of personal information.

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