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midata hackathon

Posted on: Saturday 24th of November 2012

Last weeked (17-18 November) was a world first – the first time a new type of data set was created: where individuals gathered up data about their own lives from a range of different sources including their energy consumption data, shopping (if they could get the data), spending through their banks and credit cards and so on.

With full respect for the individuals’ privacy, a posse of developers then got to work to see what innovative new services they could come up with. The results were fascinating: completely new services in energy and money; exciting new ways to help individuals crunch and visualise their own data.

We hope the Hackathon – sponsored by the Department of Business Innovation and Skills and the Open Data Institute – will be the first of many. To see a short summary of what came out of the Hackathon and the key learnings, go here.