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August newsletter: Interesting questions about a market poised for growth

Posted on: Thursday 30th of August 2012

In this summer issue we cover our forthcoming research schedule, an update on the midata consultation and some new start-ups.

Ctrl-Shift research

Increasingly, we’re being asked many of the the same questions about the emerging personal data market so we’re focusing our forthcoming Autumn/Winter research reports on developing answers to them.

  • In a world drowning in data, what infrastructure, rules and commercial models enable the right information to be shared at the right time with the right people? This information logistics challenge is easy to talk about but hard to do. Our forthcoming report on Information Logistics will address both the challenges and the opportunities.
  • How can organisations build effective customer information sharing strategies that create added value and drive improved levels of engagement? Our strategic study of customer loyalty in retail banks will highlight new ways that organisations are engaging, empowering and equipping customers to take control. The research – under way and due to be published in October – includes insightful feedback from all the main UK retail banks.
  • How can businesses respond to the rise in Volunteered Personal Information? Ctrl-Shift and the Design Council will publish a joint paper on how user centric design can help tackle this pivotal strategic question.
  • How do we value the personal data market? What is the size of the market and economic opportunity? We’re already hard at work on a seminal report on the economics of personal data.

If there are other questions you are grappling with and would like us to address in our research please get in touch.

Why legislate on midata?

Time is running out to contribute to the midata consultation. Submissions must be made by September 10 and on the basis of these the UK Government will decide whether or not to legislate to give UK consumers additional statutory rights to their data in portable electronic form. Ctrl-Shift is proud to have been part of the debate so far and to have been reappointed as strategic advisors to BIS on midata. There has already been a lively debate for and against as this recent blog post illustrates. You’ll have your own unique angle: it’s important to share it.

Data factories

In today’s world, every device and every machine is becoming a potential source of data. Cars are no exception. Tomorrow’s generation of vehicles will be data factories in their own right, capturing all sorts of data on when and where you drive, for how long, over what distances, how fast, how many gear changes you make, your braking patterns, and lots more. This data could drive many new types of Personal Information Management Services (PIMS). On this score, we’re pleased to welcome a global car manufacturer to the ranks of our research subscribers.

We’re hiring

We have great opportunity for a Junior Marketing Analyst to join our team to work on client projects and support our marketing and stakeholder engagement activity. If you know someone who might be interested, please let Claire now.

Market news

Here are a couple of interesting services. Botnik is a start-up trying to create new ways for buyers and sellers to connect, driven by buyers’ expressions of interest, rather than sellers’ messaging. Enliken is free web tracking software that lets users control and monetize who they share their data with, with the proceeds directed to a chosen charity.

In the technical domain, this article highlights the progress of, and issues relating to, the US National Strategy for Trusted Identities in Cyberspace programme, which aims to encourage the US private sector to create an online ID management system.

Rachel Botsman’s article in Wired about the emerging reputation economy is well worth a read.