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March newsletter: the decision-making revolution

Posted on: Thursday 22nd of March 2012

In our newsletter this month we have new research to tell you about. We also highlight our project looking at the Internet of Things market and round off with some key news, including some international developments.

Decisions Decisions    

We’ve published our briefing paper about the development of a revolutionary and disruptive industry for consumer decision-support services. These services empower consumers by helping them to make better decisions and change their own behaviours. The report explains why this revolution is happening now, what forms it’s taking, and what its impacts are: this is a new market that changes the way all other markets work.

Says Richard Anson, CEO of Reevoo: “This is thought provoking. It will challenge your thinking.  For anyone interested in how changing consumer behaviour is impacting your business, it is worth making the time to read it.”  

We’re holding a roundtable to discuss some of the issues in the report on April 18th from 16.00 to 18.00 at our offices. If you are interested in attending please email Alan.  

The market for Personal Data Stores

We’re just completing research into the developing market for Personal Data Stores. New services including Mydex, PAOGA, Personal, Privowny, Qiy and Singly will all be making their mark in 2012. Many more are joining the fray. What’s surprising is how different their approaches, services and strategies are. Watch out for the new report – and our predictions for the evolution of this market – due out next month.

Managing e-Identities

There’s lots of interesting things happening at the e-Identity Management Conference in Munich in April. Please get in touch if you’re going and would like to link up.

Making the Internet of Things real  

Machine to machine communication is one of the next big growth markets. Gathering and using Internet of Things (IoT) data could transform how we live, work, travel and manage our lives. We’re really pleased to be working with BT and the University of Southampton on a Technology Strategy Board project to find out what would make our transport and logistics sector increasingly smart.

One of the interesting things from our perspective is where personal data and IoT data connect. Many IoT generating devices, such as cars, phones, radios and TVs, will be owned by individuals. Who owns, or rather, has the rights to benefit from this data? On what terms should it be shared? How do you build viable business models when the ‘consumer’ is also ‘the producer’? There are big economic opportunities here. We’ll keep you posted as the project develops.

An international perspective.

Our Spring Explorer’s Club will be held on April 25th from 15.30 to 17.30 at NESTA in Central London. We’ll focus on gaining an international perspective regarding the control shift as it relates to personal data. Some key thinkers and influencers, including Doc Searls, Drummond Reed and members of the renowned think tank Fing, will give their insights and share their knowledge about recent changes and events in the personal data landscape in the US and Europe. For more about the event click here. The event is free for registered Explorers’ Club members. If you’d like to know more about membership click here.

Up and running

Our new office location has had one unintended consequence. Team Ctrl-Shift is running the Sport Relief mile on Sunday 25th March. We’ve roped our families into this fantastic charity fundraising event (with children aged from two to 14), and it would be great if those of you reading this newsletter could help too. All you have to do is sponsor one of us.

Project news

If you have direct experience of bringing new data driven products to market you may be able to help one of our clients. We’re working with an organisation that wants to develop some new uses for personal data, potentially involving fraud reduction (but not exclusively). We’re adding some Ctrl-Shift insight to this process but the next step is to take some new products to market. If you are interested, please contact Paul for a more detailed outline of the requirement.

Market news

The momentum around midata is spreading internationally. Recently California’s largest utilities launched a Green Button feature enabling consumers to download their own energy usage information. Meanwhile, the US Government has also made a ‘MyData’ commitment to return education records back to students.   

The UK Government have announced a Data Strategy Board to advise them on the release of open data.

The discussion about Big Data vs Small Data (where individuals gather, manage and control their own data) continues. Here is a blog post Alan recently wrote for TVO which argues that empowering individuals with their data is not only fair it is good for the economy too.