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Richard Anson to speak at midata event

Posted on: Tuesday 1st of November 2011

The countdown to Ctrl-Shift’s midata event, ‘to hoard or to share: midata and the personal data sharing revolution’, which takes place a week tomorrow, has started. We’re delighted that Richard Anson, Founder and CEO of Reevoo, will be taking the stage.

Reevoo is a great example of the new wave of decision support services using personal data. It’s taken an ad hoc consumer activity – posting the odd review here and there – and turned it into a disciplined, structured process: carefully collecting reviews from only known buyers of products and slicing and dicing the resulting information in multiple ways to make it useful to both buyers and sellers.

Richard will be talking about how consumers’ purchasing journey is going through a significant change with social commerce shaping every single aspect of shopping behaviour, referencing Reevoo’s recent research on this. He’ll be discussing the power of social content for consumers, retailers and brands and how leading organisations such as Sony, Dixons, PC World and Best Buy have joined forces with Reevoo to ensure genuine trustworthy reviews with the announcement of The Reevoo Manifesto.

Richard’s presentation will form part of the event session focused on how some leading organisations are responding to the challenge of the Government’s midata programme. He will be joined by representatives from billmonitor – who will be talking about the value of personal data for helping consumers make better decisions – from Mydex who have recently piloted the world’s first personal data store – and from Noddle – who will give an overview and update on their exciting new service. All the event sessions are designed to be thought provoking and to provide delegates with an insight into the opportunities provided by midata, and how to approach and maximise these.

To read the full programme click here. To book please download the booking form.