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Autumn 2011 research programme

Posted on: Monday 5th of September 2011

We’re now planning our Autumn research programme and are looking for input on the top three projects and some suggestions for what we should cover in early 2012.

October – PIMS 2 – the personal information management market

This report is about the market that changes markets – how third party vendors are helping consumers work across markets.

Building on Ctrl-Shift’s 2010 initial foray into this market, the report is focused on how services are being built to allow consumers to keep information about themselves in one easy to manage place. The report will include updates on Mint, MoneyStrands, Google HealthVault and more. And updates on services such as Billmonitor and British Gas and the digital postbox.

This 100pp report is designed to help existing businesses understand how third parties are creating services that threaten the hard won relationship with the customer – not just with dis-intermediation but making it easier for customers to shop around.

December  – The decision support market (as linked to customer data)

Beyond PIMS are existing services that help customers get a better deal. The decision support market is a discrete, yet largely un-mapped market place. This 50pp report sets out to map that market.

  • Who does it include (comparison sites, Which?, magazines etc)?
  • What are they doing?
  • What are the key trends?
  • How are organisations responding?
  • What are consumer attitudes towards them?

The analysis of the evidence will show how they are changing consumer attitudes, behaviours and expectations.

January – The new personal data ecosystem

This 20pp report will be packed with examples of how the landscape is changing – from “organisation-centric” to “person-centric”. It is aimed at strategic business planners who will be able to see why new forms of personal data are so valuable: genuine single customer view; ability to see context and circumstance; goals, plans and purposes; timeliness and accuracy.

Draft contents pages:

Drivers of the new landscape

Overview of the six core components

  • Personal data management
  • General data management
  • Data handbacks
  • Personal Informatics
  • p2p info sharing
  • Data ‘from my head’ eg plans, preferences etc

The new landscape

  • A new asset class
  • PIMS

Effects on organisations

  • How to respond
  • The opportunity
  • A new information contract
  • An evolutionary journey

For 2012, we are looking at…

  • Information logistics
  • VPI 2012 – the VPI market revisited
  • Information Sharing: the current state (who is currently sharing what information with who, for what purposes, and to what effect? Based on consumer research about the top 50 companies)
  • Brands as information services – which brands are actively changing the way in which they deal with customers – turning from product/service purveyors to information providers, helping their customers make better decisions
  • The mydata meme
    – ID/assurance/security
    – Consumer demand
    – Business case studies
    – Data protection

Please let us know your thoughts or just use the comments box below.