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Explorers explore the new landscape

Posted on: Friday 13th of May 2011

The Ctrl-Shift Explorers’ Club met on May 12 to share experiences and understanding of the changing consumer market place. It was an eclectic mix. Attendees included large corporations and small businesses; public and private sectors; different vertical markets; and suppliers of marketing services and the creators of some of the new tools available to consumers.

The event had plenty of time for discussion around a number of topics we’ve been researching including

  • The Government’s ‘mydata’ initiative – what the paper says, what the implications are, and what companies should do to take advantage of the hidden radicalism in this initiative;
  • Next-Gen Customer Engagement – the emerging ‘tool kit’ of engagement opportunities and how they can transform entire business models;
  • An introduction to the emerging market for Personal Information Management Services. PIMS are a highly disruptive force changing how many markets work;
  • Next-Gen CRM – in-depth research into how companies are planning for a new era of enriched information-sharing with customers; and
  • Top line results from Ctrl-Shift’s tracking survey of changing consumer attitudes and behaviours.


Much of the meeting can be summed up by the Twitter stream – look for #CtrlShift #ExplorersClub

  1. “‘We know customers don’t want to give their address five times. But we’re struggling to fix that.’ Well durrr..”
  2. #CRM laggards are driven by business imperatives. But leaders are engaging in new & different ways”

  3. “Everyone tells same story on #CRM. But dig and there are huge differences in performance & behaviour”

  4. “There’s a danger [#MyData] cd be fizz-phut….giving back barely any data so its no use to the customer..”

  5. “Why would I give the customer their data back so they can take it and use it elsewhere?”

  6. “You’ve got to be on electoral roll to get credit. So people call: ‘Quick! Register me! I want to buy a sofa'”

  7. Personal financial svcs. See all your financial data; have richer graphics. But hand control of your passwords??

  8. “Personal info mgt svcs: set to disrupt, commoditise, disintermediate; to offer new channels, feedback & more

  9. “Where is the wave of customer empowerment? Government missed e-commerce; they’re nowhere near this”

  10. “The ‘electronic me’ has to be divorced from all this for-profit evil. Power corrupts”

  11. CEO: “There is no corporate or government model that is up to ‘being me’. Piss off, the lot of you”

But for a full report, you’ll just have to sign up for the next one – which will be in September.