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March newsletter – 40 Ways to Engage with your Customers

Posted on: Wednesday 23rd of March 2011

40 Ways to Engage with your Customers

People use the words ‘Customer Engagement’ to mean all sorts of things, so we talked to a wide range of businesses to see what’s actually happening.

Something more profound than just channel change is happening. New, digital, ways of engaging with customers are:

  • bypassing traditional gatekeepers to customers such as retailers and media owners,
  • creating new, direct connections with customers for brands previously without a direct customer relationship,
  • opening up opportunities to add new forms of value for customers,
  • creating simultaneous opportunities for organisations to elicit valuable information from their customers: in other words, better engagement can add value for the organisation as well as the customer, and
  • spawning innovative, disruptive business models.

We identified 40 different ways companies are currently engaging their customers. We bunched them together into six broad themes to create a customer engagement toolkit. We’ve entitled them:

  • Content as engagement.
  • Riding the Social Wave.
  • Customer as Relationship Manager.
  • Knowledge as Empowerment.
  • Information as a Practical Tool.
  • Personal Information Empowerment.


The trick is to put the right mix of tools together so that both the customer and the organisation get what they need. Next-Gen Customer Engagement is Free to all registered users of our web site. To register, go to

Next-Gen CRM

Going hand in hand with customer engagement we’ve also conducted new researching among CRM practitioners asking them what their current plans focus on, particularly how customer information is collected, how this information is organised, how customer feedback is used, and how the organisation interacts with customers.

Many classic CRM challenges are still there: data accuracy, the need for a single view of the customer and so on. But a few findings really stand out:

  • The majority of CRM practitioners report that customers are less rather than more willing to share information with them.
  • Most practitioners still don’t think CRM is providing them with insights into customer behaviour.
  • Nine of the ten most common planned future initiatives relate to how organisations exchange information with their customers.

The full report costs £3950(+VAT), but the Executive Summary is available Free to registered users.

Our new web site

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