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Ctrl-Shift and Facebook – exploring ways forward for the data driven economy

Posted on: Monday 26th of October 2015

Over the past few months, Ctrl-Shift has been working with Facebook in a project to answer the question ‘what do we need to do to ensure sustainable growth in the data driven economy?’.

Through a series of roundtables in London, Paris, Berlin and Amsterdam we’ve sought the views of personal data and privacy experts, trade bodies, academics, regulators, big brands and innovators to understand:

  • how we got to where we are
  • what the positive and negative impacts of today’s mainly ad-funded internet are
  • and what the dynamics of today’s situation is (driven by the different interests and perceptions of key parties such as consumers, the media, companies and regulators).

We’ve outlined our findings so far – focused initially on questions, not answers – in a report ‘Toward sustainable growth’ that’s published here.

Some of the core questions focus on:

  • The details and approach to data protection regulation, for example, in today’s data-driven world are rules relating to data minimisation still relevant?
  • The best approach to regulation: how do we avoid the absurdities of the cookie law?
  • Business models and business practices: what are the top five things companies do to undermine trust, and what are the top five things they can do to build trust.
  • Innovation potential: can new business models and technologies help us chart new, positive ways forward?

The roundtables are continuing. The goal is to find an answer (or some possible answers) so that progress toward sustainable, trust-based growth becomes a real possibility.

Stephen Deadman, Global Deputy Chief Privacy Officer at Facebook, will be talking about this project and its learnings at Ctrl-Shift’s Growth Through Trust conference in London December 8. Join us to help find answers to some of the most pressing issues of our age.