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Personal Information Management Services – An analysis of an emerging market

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Personal data is rising rapidly up the strategic agenda of many companies. Consumer facing brands are recognising the possibilities of engaging their customers in a more intimate information based relationship, one that offers far more than insight and inference based on legacy business intelligence models.

‘Personal Information Management Services: An emerging market analysis’ unearths the business and economic value of Personal Information Management Services (PIMS) for the UK economy. The research considers the way these new services:

  • extend and deepen already pervasive digital disruption;
  • fill value gaps left unaddressed by traditional business models;
  • present both opportunities and risks for businesses; and
  • will have varying impacts across different sectors.

The research estimates the potential size of the market for PIMS as £16.5bn or 1.2% of gross value added in the UK economy. This is an untapped market opportunity for those organisations able to adapt and respond to new demands for managing, using and sharing personal data.

This research has been designed to help organisations to know when and how much to invest in the new PIMS market, to identify and assess which sorts of responses are possible and what their implications are. In the UK we’re seeing one new service launching each week – now is the time to make sense of this important trend.

The research is funded by Aimia, Henderson Global Investors, Nesta, Open Identity Exchange and Vodafone.