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Information Logistics: Key to Digital Value Creation

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In today’s digital age we need a breakthrough to unlock all the potential benefits of the information explosion. Information logistics represents a game changing economic and business opportunity to do this. This White Paper is about the challenge and opportunity of ‘information logistics’ – of getting exactly the right information to and from the right people in the right format at the right place and time – and the new Information Logistics Platforms (ILPs) being launched across the world.

Information logistics is the other side of the coin to Big Data. Big Data aggregates large amounts of data to identify patterns and trends. Information logistics focus on unique configurations of data from a wide range of information sources to fuel high quality trustworthy and secure information apps and services at very low cost. The benefits of information logistics include a breakthrough in productivity, a new platform for innovation and physical as well as digital efficiencies.

Right now, sharing, accessing and using data is fraught with risk, cost and complexity but new ILPs coming to market are tackling these ‘hard’ problems of data quality, trust, identity, rights, permissions and value exchange. They remove the barriers which are blocking the full wealth-creating potential of the information age.

When ILPs enable both B2C and C2B information sharing this propels the biggest value explosion. By enabling individuals to have the same status as organisations – both as information providers and users – ILPs become a springboard for innovation through unleashing VPI (Volunteered Personal Information) and enabling new Personal Information Management Services.

Market momentum is already moving and this paper outlines a Digital Asset Grid being developed by SWIFT Innotribe’s Innovation incubation unit announced in October 2012. The Digital Asset Grid is a new infrastructure for banks to provide a platform for secure peer to peer data sharing between trusted people, businesses, and devices. BT’s new cloud service designed to help their customers manage their global supply chains better is a second ILP. Further platforms are likely to transform the information landscape over the next two to four years.

If you’re interested in exploring the nature of these opportunities, or information logistics more generally, then please contact us.