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The New Personal Data Landscape

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In April 2011, the UK Government announced its ‘midata’ project to encourage organisations holding customer data to release this data back to their customers in a portable, machine-readable and reusable form.

In November 2011, the Government announced the first phase of ‘midata’ implementation. Within two to three years, all organisations and companies holding customer data in the UK will be involved in releasing their data back to their customers.

This Briefing Paper explores the broader context of ‘midata’ and its implications for organisations.

  • Part 1 reviews the key drivers – regulatory, economic/ commercial, technological and social – forging the new personal data landscape.
  • Part 2 looks at the trend towards individuals managing their own data. For organisations this is a classic ‘left field’ disruption. It’s happening mostly beyond the radar of organisations’ existing concerns and systems but nevertheless changing the environment in which they operate, including customer behaviours and expectations.
  • Part 3 looks at the new markets for Personal Information Management Services (PIMS) that these developments are creating.
  • Part 4 analyses the challenges and opportunities for organisations: how best to respond?