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A wealth of game-changing research and accumulated IP means we can provide your business with rapid, acute and actionable insights that will realise the opportunities of a rapidly growing and disruptive market: the personal information economy.

Our pioneering research is used by our clients to: guide marketing and customer engagement strategies; build real trust with their consumers; and help them to realise new revenues streams and business models which are revolutionising consumer brand relationships.


Download some samples of our research to discover the huge opportunities to be had.

Past Reports

Our expert research and insights spans the breadth of The Personal Information Economy, as shown below.

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Report themes:

Personal data management services

  • The Personal Data Landscape
  • Personal data stores 2012
  • Review of the market for personal data stores 2014
  • The market for personal data empowerment
  • Privacy by design and the role of personal data management

Decision support and life management services

  • Decisions, Decisions
  • Personal Information Management Services 2012
  • 2014 PIMS report
  • The changing consumer empowerment landscape
  • The rise of consumer empowering intermediaries

Brands as trusted information services

  • The midata innovation opportunity
  • Midata and the impact of data release
  • Next-gen customer engagement
  • Breakthrough efficiencies through VPI
  • What are banks for? The future of loyalty

Enabling infrastructure

  • Information logistics, key to digital value creation
  • Trust frameworks: driving privacy and growth
  • When open data meets personal data