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A core trend in today’s business environment is the growing importance and influence of consumer decision support services. It’s easy to see why this trend is gaining ground. Just ask yourself two simple questions. Over the next three to five years, will consumers want:

1) to be making better or worse decisions?

2) their decision making processes to be easier or harder?

Of course, the answers are obvious. It was ever thus. The difference now, however, is that new technologies and data are making it possible to turn decision support into a fully fledged consumer service. Which is why it’s…

Ctrl-Shift is looking for a Junior Consultant intern for a six-month programme starting June 2015. The successful candidate will be a vital team member of our growing consulting business, helping to plan and deliver a number of high-profile client projects this year.

The role includes supporting key consulting activities including market and customer analysis, running the project office and delivery of workshops and other client deliverables. There may also be an opportunity to support Ctrl-Shift’s wider marketing and stakeholder engagement programme.

The role provides unparalleled access to a fast-paced and dynamic consulting environment, along with deep expertise the Personal Information…

Ctrl-Shift is looking for a Marketing Intern for a six-month programme starting June 2015. The successful candidate will be a vital team member in the planning, execution and marketing of Ctrl-Shift’s Personal Information Economy 2015 event taking place in central London in October/ November. This event will bring together a world class list of speakers and the foremost thinkers and practitioners in the market, including business leaders from blue chip brands, investors, experts and policy makers.

The role includes carrying out campaign management, digital marketing, social media outreach, web content development and stakeholder management. There may also be an opportunity…

Is data REALLY the new oil?

Posted: 20th April, 2015 | 0 comments

There are many ways in which the ‘data is the new oil’ analogy works: the common need for extraction and refining; the way both became vital resources driving wealth creation across every aspect of the economy; the way they changed both how wealth is created and who the key players are; the way they both created new corporate superpowers that swept all before them – and new regulatory battles (witness the EU’s complaint against Google for anti-competitive practices).


The new solar?

But there is also a darker side that both sides share. Fossil fuels generate toxic emissions which threaten…