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Slowly but surely, personal data – how organisations collect it and use it – is becoming a brand issue. Whether its press articles highlighting practices which surprise and dismay consumers and citizens, or the pressure of forthcoming EU data protection legislation, organisations are realising that personal data can no longer be relegated as a ‘back office’ issue, something that works silently and invisibly in the background with no one, except a few dedicated experts, paying much attention to it.

Typical of the changing mood are these comments from Unilever’s global privacy officer Steve Wright.  Speaking at a recent conference he…

We're hiring

Posted: 4th April, 2014 | 0 comments

Ctrl-Shift is looking for two interns to join our growing business and expanding team. As the personal information economy fast evolves, these roles will give the right candidates a unique opportunity to be part of a forward-thinking team in an exciting burgeoning market.

Research Internship
The research internship will provide a fantastic opportunity to work alongside our lead consultants and strategists on ground-breaking research projects designed to help businesses and governments capitalise on new market opportunities and design the future personal data landscape.

The role will involve supporting ongoing research projects, including investigating new markets, preparing reports, and supporting marketing…

Sizing the Prize

Posted: 24th March, 2014 | 0 comments

Ctrl-Shift is undertaking a major new research project to identify the business and economic case for PIMS (Personal Information Management Services) that help individuals collect and manage information under their own control and use information (including personal information) to make better decisions and manage their lives better.

We're looking for case studies, data, and input from a wide range of sources including new services and existing brands (what are the opportunities? what are the threats? and where are do they impact the most?).

If you want to be at the front line of understanding how your business and market will be…

A year of transition

Posted: 24th March, 2014 | 0 comments

It’s really simple: personal data is valuable and useful to the people whose data it is.  Yes it’s valuable to organisations, but it’s also valuable to individuals who can use it to do the things that organisations do with data: generate insights, inform decisions, streamline and automate tasks and processes.

This way points to the creation of unique new data sets focused on each individual, new levels of data sharing driving a vast array of new private and public services.

This is the ‘Personal Information Economy’ discussed at our conference on Thursday March 20. At this buzzing event, we heard…